Garmin Fenix 3 Setup Checklist

Set up Garmin Connect app Set up Garmin Connect website Set up user profile Pair chest strap and foot pod Turn on Move Alert Turn on Activity Tracking Set up phone notifications (in app) Set up wifi connectivity - requires computer Enable auto pause for running, cycling, etc. Enable auto climb for running/walking Set range alerts (heart rate, cadence, etc.) Auto scroll in apps (on for cycling, off for running) Enable barometer storm alert (under sensor settings for Barometer) Turn off auto time zone for travel Install dual time zone widget for travel Install Strava live score data field and integrate into app screens

Some Thoughts on Security

I have to take my shoes off at the airport because of some incident 15 years ago that we’ve all forgotten. But a mentally unstable person with religious hallucinations who was on an FBI watch list can buy an AR-15 assault rifle and enough ammo to commit the worst mass murder in U.S. history. This isn’t a proportional response to terror. Let’s start with banning the AR-15 assault rifle nationwide (as it already is in California). The Second Amendment is not absolute, I’m willing to take my chances with the Supreme Court.


It’s not the trans people in the bathroom who are the threat. It isn’t, ever. It’s the straight man with the AR-15 assault rifle. Over, and over, and over again. Democrats (because Republicans certainly won't): Show some courage and ban the AR-15. There is no legitimate need for non-LEO/military use.


So, we’ve been trying this Second Amendment thing for a few hundred years. And when the muskets were pieces of shit it was okay. But now that people on FBI wat…

An Open Letter to the Car In Back of Me

If we are driving on a multilane road or highway, I am in the far right lane, driving the speed limit. If we are driving on a single lane road, I am driving the speed limit. I can tell you want to go faster than the speed limit, because you are flashing your lights and honking at me. A few pointers to think about during your frustration:

1. I have had enough speeding tickets to know that the speed limit is the right speed for me to drive. The police have told this to me, many times. If you have an issue with the speed limit, take it up with the city, not with me. Or, find a route with a higher speed limit. I did not set the speed limit.

2. I got on this road before you did, so you are stuck behind me until you can pass. If you do not want to be behind me, try getting out of bed earlier in the morning.

3. If there is a car in front of me, as often there is, I cannot go faster than the speed of that car.

4. I do not care about you. I am happy with the speed I am going. It is the speed l…

Twelve Steps of Financial Planning

I am not a financial advisor. This is based on my own experience. These steps are not right for everyone’s situation, but should be viewed as guidelines. I recognize that for some people these steps will be easily achievable, and others will struggle with Step 1. The point of this is to make financial planning a conscious part of your life, and to take things one step at a time.

Step 1. Live within your means. Create a budget, and track expenses. If you are spending more than you make, you either must increase your income with a different or additional job, or reduce your expenses. This is not optional: the consequence of not doing this is eventually bankruptcy.

Step 2. If you have children or other people who are financially dependent on you, get a “term” life insurance policy. These are fairly inexpensive, and may be available as a benefit through your employer. “Whole life insurance” (which is basically an investment) is generally not a good idea (poor returns compared to index fun…

my favorite outdoor spots in the south bay

The west part of the valley gets the most moisture and is the greenest and lushest (although in this drought that is questionable).  The east part is barren and dry, and generally shadeless.  Just keep that in mind when outdoors.

My favorite outdoor spots in no particular order are:
1. Mission Peak hike in Fremont.  2-3 hour round trip, 2,200 foot elevation gain, to the peak of a mountain. It's a tough hike up, but the views are amazing (sometimes the peak is above the clouds).  I do this hike once a month, but I only do it on weekdays. I start when the park opens at 6:30am, and I'm done by 8:30am, and at work by 9 (I do hike it fast though).  Parking at that hour is plentiful in the residential area around Stanford Ave in Fremont.  Avoid weekends - it's a zoo.
2. Big Basin in Santa Cruz mountains.  This park encompasses much of the Santa Cruz mountain range.  I prefer to enter the park through Saratoga (southwest of San Jose).  The road is windy though.  The park offers c…

advice about law school and legal careers

[From a talk given at San Jose State University in March 2015]

Hi, I'm Travis Wise. I graduated from San Jose State with a degree in political science. 12 years after I graduated, I was hired into my dream job as senior legal counsel at Google.

I'll share a bit of my background and career progress, and then share my top ten list of suggestions on how to get your dream job after you graduate, and then I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

I was originally a psychology major here at SJSU, but I decided I wanted to go to law school. So I switched to political science, wrongly thinking that was the only way to get into law school.

I loved the poly sci program here, and I loved law school at Santa Clara. But I had no idea what legal field I wanted to work in. When I graduated from law school, I got hired by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the big-4 accounting firms, to do tax stuff.  I had no idea what that involved.  But I kept showing up to work, for 9 years. Duri…

advise about school

Good grades are necessary, but a perfect GPA will not offset a lack of the items below.  Demonstrate leadership. Being a “member” of a club is nearly worthless in resume value. Be the president of the organization, or start up a new organization. Leading people and ideas, and managing projects, is important.  Demonstrate entrepreneurship. Come up with an idea, and start a company or website to implement it. Learn how to code and write a program or app, even if it’s simple, and publish it. Making money is not important - taking the entrepreneurial risk is important. Publish. Get your name out there. Whether it’s a blog, a v-log on YouTube, photography portfolio, code on GitHub … put yourself out there. Just keep it professional - your future employers will find it.  Think broad, and outside the box. The job you do or the company you work for five years from now likely does not exist today. Certainly the task you do in your job will not resemble anything that exists today. Don’t pigeonh…

invisalign experience

This page will be updated chronologically as I progress with my Invisalign treatment from January 2015 until approx. June 2015. I have no affiliation with Invisalign other than as a full-paying patient.
Pro Tips Prepare a small bag with the necessary supplies to carry everywhere: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, pain killers, lip balm, and tray for aligners during meals.Brush teeth after every meal, before replacing aligners.Get a bulk quantity of denture cleanser tablets (“Retainer Brite” seems to be popular) from Amazon or Costco.  An ultrasonic cleaning machine might be useful too.Drink a lot of water. Dry mouth encourages bacteria growth.Do not eat, drink, or chew gum with the aligners in, other than drinking water.Do not throw out old aligners. Keep them, sterilized in the original bags, in case they are needed as back-ups.Changing trays will be uncomfortable, so pick a day to do the change that won’t be high stress.  Friday night is a good night to do this, along with a pain killer.…

notes on visiting india

Smog. So much of it. Everywhere.Cars and motorcycles. Everywhere.Use the hotel car service. Not public transit or a cab.Traffic wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Delhi is a huge city so it took time to get across town, but the traffic was not as gridlocked as I imagined.A lot of people. A lot of poor people. Some of the conditions are as bad as one would imagine (e.g., in old Delhi, and Agra), but it was not overall as bad as I had imagined.Not as many beggars on the streets (kids) add I had expected. Things aren't cheaper. In some cases they're more expensive. Restaurants and hotels were not cheaper than the US. Even the mom-and-pop side of the road restaurant was $10 for a small sandwich and a coke.Cars invite drivers to honk at them to warn (they literally have bumper stickers that say "Honk at me if you're behind me"). There is a lot of honking.Traffic rules are based around the person in front having the right of way, even if they cut in line to get there…

post processing notes

Physical attributesCropRotateColor/BrightnessSet levels using histogram (shadows/darks, mid-tones, highlights/fill)BrightnessContrastSaturationTemperatureColor BalanceWhite BalanceCharacteristicsExposureRecoveryVibrancySharpnessClean Up using Clone and BandiadNoise reduction