Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bullet Journal Flow

I continue to iterate on my task management strategy.

I have always been intrigued by the Bullet Journal ("BuJo") method. But I have never figured out a way to integrate BuJo into my GTD flows. My main limitations are that BuJo seems to:

  1. require artistic talent, which I lack, as all of the BuJo examples I could find have a lot of... artistry, rather than a minimalist functional design; 
  2. does not seem to scale well for a very large volume of tasks
  3. does not seem to scale well for a large volume of recurring tasks

At the same time that I was researching BuJo, I had been exploring a spreadsheet-based task management approach on Google Sheets (which supports desktop and mobile use). My main desire to develop that system was to migrate off of Todoist, but still have a lot of the key functionality of Todoist that kept me organized:

  • categories
  • importance indicator
  • status indicator (completed, waiting)
  • a way to easily add new tasks to the list
  • a way to handle recurring tasks: my primary issue was that I could not solve for automating recurring tasks

And I continue to use written journals for my daily diary and notetaking, because I like writing, and I like A5 notebooks. I needed a system to archive these notebooks, preferably digitally, that would also make the contents discoverable/searchable.

My highly customized BuJo workflow (with key GTD/BuJo concepts in bold) is as follows:

  • Gmail is still my primary collection point, where I receive most of my action items. Following the GTD methodology, these are either discarded, archived, acted upon, scheduled, or added to my task list, resulting in Inbox Zero.
  • Calendar is used for events, meetings, and recurring tasks. Recurring tasks involving multiple subtasks contain the subtasks in the description. When the recurring task surfaces, the task/subtasks are placed into my todo list for processing.
  • Spreadsheet task list is used as my BuJo Future Log. The spreadsheet (in Google Sheets) contains two tabs:
    • Futurelog: 
      • Four columns: Bullet, Date, Task, Collection
        • Data Validation: Bullet and Collection must be one of the types from the Setup tab. Date must be a date, formatted as "mm/dd DDD". Data validation for date enables a calendar picker on the web and mobile. Task is a free text field.
        • Conditional formatting: Bullet column turns red if "* priority" bullet is used. Entire row turns yellow for tasks dated today.
        • Filter: By default, Bullet column is filtered to hide "x completed" tasks, and Collection is filtered to hide special project tasks that are not due for a while (e.g., Christmas Shopping).
      • I have a script (code below) that runs every hour, and upon opening, to perform sorting and hiding of my task list.
    • Setup
      • Two columns: Key and Collection
        • Key: The types of bullets.
          • . task
          • x completed
          • @ waiting
          • # recurring
          • * priority
        • Collection: A list of my collections (labels or categories for projects)
  • Daily Log: My journal (a physical A5 notebook), used for keeping daily notes.
    • I use the Notebloc app to scan each page into a black and white jpg within a document for each day, and then "share" the daily document to Journey
    • Journey, by 2appstudio, is the app I use to archive my daily journals, and access them from my phone and desktop. The data is stored in Google Drive, and the app has some key features that I find critical:
      • Location tagging, so I remember where I was that day.
      • Label tagging, so I can add some key labels to record what is contained in that day's journal, to do quick searches
      • Supports both text and image entry
      • Tracking of other data like weather and mood I find interesting but not critical
      • Data portability: Exportable into DOCX and XML
      • Great apps, for Android, iPhone, web interface, ChromeOS, Mac, and PC

Futurelog Script: 

function Cleanup() {
//  Sort by date
  var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  spreadsheet.getActiveSheet().getFilter().sort(2, true);
//  Filter to hide completed
  var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  var criteria = SpreadsheetApp.newFilterCriteria()
  .build();  spreadsheet.getActiveSheet().getFilter().setColumnFilterCriteria(1, criteria);

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Monday, December 31, 2018

Tips I Shared on Reddit about WW

  1. Be very strategic about eating, and view every meal as an opportunity to further your goal. Research and pretrack meals (especially if eating out). Rely on freestyle zero-point foods and a lot of hydration. Have some easy go-to meals and low-point items you order at restaurants.
  2. Find out what number of points work for you. For me, I found that if I ate all my dailies, I would lose weight. If I also ate my weeklies, I would maintain; and if I ate my FitPoints, I would gain weight.
  3. Take some days off. Don't stress about Thanksgiving and Christmas, a special occasion day, or an indulgence while on vacation. And if you fall off the wagon and eat all the Halloween candy, just pick right back up the next day and resume the plan. 
  4. Build a community of supporters. This can be at WW workshops, friends and family, and online through Connect. This can also be watching YouTube videos about WW, or listening to WW-related podcasts.
  5. Envision what success looks and feels like, and what overeating looks and feels like. Is that high-points food really worth delaying your goal?
  6. Finally, most people on WW are trying to lose weight. But following the WW points plan is really about making better food choices by nudging us away from high-point sugar and fats and towards lean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

Some Notes on Being Healthy

Eat Food.
Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Fish, Lean Meat, Nuts
No: Diet Soda & Artificial Sweeteners (6.4 mo); Coffee (4.2 mo)
Abstain: Added sugar and processed foods
Not Too Much.
No binging
Three meals, no snacks
Mostly Plants.
Vegetables whenever available
Fruit instead of processed foods
Weights: Press (chest, shoulder), Pull (back), Deadlift, Squat, Plank

Swarm Sticker Collection

OrderName76MultiplierCodingUse Where
5Century ClubYNYN
10JoeyY3xY3xCoffee Shop
12Blast OffYNYN
149 to 5YNYN
15Do Not DisturbY3xY3xHotels
17Couch SurferYNYN
18DogY3xY3xDog Run / Pet Store
20Rip Van BenchyY3xY3xGyms
21Retail TherapyY3xY3xShopping
22Famous RayY3xY3xPizza
23ToroY3xY3xJapanese Rest.
24Hot TamaleY3xY3xMex. Rest.
25SpaghettiY3xY3xItalian Rest.
27Life AquaticY3xY3xSeafood Rest.
29House PartyNNPass
30BestiesYNYNCheck-in anywhere with a friend and tag them.
32Frank UnderwoodYNYN
33Rollin' DeepNNPass
34Super MayorYNYN
35Big PoppyY3xY3xMovies
36GroupieY3xY3xMusic Venue
37FanaticY3xY3xSports Stadium
39Lappy ToppyY3xY3xOffices
40Gym RatYNYN
41Mall RatY3xY3xMall
42Beach BumN1xN1xBeach
43Maxed OutNNNNCheck-in to 3 venues in the 'shop' category in 1 day.
44Mr. JittersNNNNCheck-in to 3 venues in the 'coffee shop' category in 1 day.
4816 CandlesYNYN
50Dark & SwarmyN1xN1xCocktail Bar (3x to earn)
51WinoY3xY3xWine Bar / Vineyard
53Bar CrawlNNNNCheck-in to 5 different venues in the 'bar' category within 5 hours.
57Mic DropNNNNCheck-in to 2 venues in the 'karaoke bar' category.
58Pizza OwlNNNNCheck-in to a venue in the 'pizza place' category after midnight.
59Bar FlyNNNNCheck-in to 10 different venues in the 'bar' category within 30 days.
60PattyY3xY3xBurger Joint
61Small FryY3xY3xFast Food
62Fried Check-InY3xY3xFried Chicken
65iScreamY3xY3xIce Cream Shops
67General TsoY3xY3xChinese
68Flap JackY3xY3xDiners
69Great OutdoorsY3xY3xOutdoor Places
72Sunny SideY3xY3xBreakfast Rest.
73Proud MaryNNNNCheck-in between 10am and noon, on a weekend, and shout "brunch".
74Earl of SandwichY3xY3xSandwich Shops
75Ten HundredYNYN
76ClippyY3xY3xBarber Shop
77Rack OverflowY3xY3xBank
817-10 SplitN1xN1xCheck-in 3 times at venues in the 'bowling alley' category.
82Let it RideN1xN1xCheck-in 3 times at venues in the 'casinos' category.
83HerbivoreY3xY3xVegetarian Rest.
841UpN1xN1xCheck-in 3 times at venues in the 'arcade' or 'game shop' categories.
85Family TiesYNYN
89AsanaY2xY2xYoga Studio (might have to shout "Yoga")
90Vin DieselY3xY3xGas Station
91NoodlesY3xY3xRamen Restaurant, Soba Restaurant, Udon Restaurant or Noodle House.
92Curtain CallY3xY3xTheatre
93Super Duper SwarmNNPass
UnnumberedHeart ContainerYNYN
UnnumberedSunny SideYNYN
UnnumberedDrogonNNPassCheck-in anywhere and shout "Game of Thrones" or #GameOfThrones
UnnumberedIm on a BoatYNYN
UnnumberedDad BodNNNNCheck-in anywhere and shout "Happy Father's Day" or "#HappyFathersDay" on Father's Day. This sticker is available only in select countries.
UnnumberedFoursquare DayYNYN
UnnumberedPurple HazeYNYN
UnnumberedLaces OutNNNNCheck-in to a venue in the 'football stadium' category.
UnnumberedGrumpy CatYNYN
UnnumberedOh HeyYNYN
UnnumberedVroom VroomYNYN
UnnumberedLeap Day WilliamNNPassCheck-in anywhere during on Leap Day February 29th, 2016.
UnnumberedRed Nose DayYNYN
UnnumberedSilveradoNNPassCheck-in on 2 separate days during the 2016 Olympics and shout #olympics.
UnnumberedGoldieNNPassCheck-in on 3 separate days during the 2016 Olympics and shout #olympics.
UnnumberedGooooooalNNPassCheck-in during the Women's World Cup and shout 'goal'.
UnnumberedSlainteYNYNCheck-in on St. Patricks Day and shout 'St. Patrick'.
UnnumberedDreidelNNPassCheck-in anywhere during Hanukkah and shout 'Happy Hanukkah'.
UnnumberedGravyNNPassCheck-in anywhere on Thanksgiving Day and shout 'Happy Thanksgiving'.
UnnumberedBubbles SloshNNPassCheck-in anywhere on December 31st or January 1st, 2016.
UnnumberedBludolphNNPassCheck-in anywhere on Christmas Day 2015 and shout 'Merry Christmas'.
UnnumberedBeau & AeroYNYN
UnnumberedJargaritaNNPassCheck-in at NYC's Sweet and Vicious bar and shout 'Jargarita'.
UnnumberedAceNNNNCheck-in to a venue in the Tennis Court Venue.
UnnumberedJalapeno PeteNNNNCheck-in at a venue in the Taco Place category and shout "taco day".
UnnumberedArnold SwarmzeneggerYNYN
UnnumberedTea TimeYNYN