gone google, part 1: severing ties to microsoft

Twelve years ago I started working for PwC, and my standard-issue work computer had Microsoft Office.  Excel is necessary for anyone who works in finance, and Word and PowerPoint are necessary for lawyers.  Every computer I've had since has had Microsoft Office installed.

Last week (mid-August, 2012) I made a change.  I deleted Microsoft Office off my Google-issued Macbook Pro.  I was already using Google Docs for most stuff (including spreadsheets and presentations).  There were a few spreadsheets that I have that had difficulty with Google Docs, due to a massive number of formulas.  I re-wrote those spreadsheets to be Docs-friendly, and pushed the "delete" button on Office.

A week went by, and nothing happened that caused me to have to reinstall Microsoft Office.  I'm hoping I can keep it that way.

Coming soon ... part 2: Migrating from my MacBook Pro to a Chromebook.

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