have you used blogger recently?

Back in the day (most of 2000-2007), I had a blog.  It was hosted on my own domain, the now defunct twise.com.  I used Blogger to publish it.

On Tuesday, I saw a Google announcement about Google+ integration with Blogger.  I thought I'd check it out.  So I set up a new blog, and was fiddling around with it for a while.  Things looked ok, but not something that would cause me to use a blog again vs. posting directly on Google+, which I prefer.

But then I accidentally discovered "Dynamic Views".  Dynamic Views are a type of template for formatting one's blog.  Holy crap.  It's amazing.  And yes, I would say that even if I didn't work for The Company.  Rather than try to explain it, let me just show you:  Go over to the test blog I set up:  twisesq.blogspot.com.  Over on the upper left side where it says "Classic" - hover over that, and cycle through the other views.  That is some nifty stuff right there.  Plus, when I post something on the blog, it prompts me with a share box to post it on G+.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I'm just adding it here to include more pictures on the blog.

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