Notes from my trip to Japan... (2008)

Weds Dec. 3
11:06am Depart SFO UAL Flight 837

Thurs Dec. 4
3:30pm Arrive NRT
"Airport Limo Bus (~85m) to hotel
"Check-in - Shinagawa Prince Hotel
81 (3) 3449-9844
Room(s) booked: 1
Check In        12/4/2008
Check Out       12/7/2008
4-10-30 Takanawa Minato-ku
Tokyo, Tokyo-to 108-8611
Transport to hotel
Dinner / Get oriented

Fri Dec. 5
Shinagawa Prince Hotel
"Explore Tokyo:  Gray Line orientation bus tour:
> DATE : 05 DEC 2008
> TOUR : Tokyo Morning Tour
> P/UP : Shinagawa Prince at 07:50 at Lobby
> FEES : 4,000 x 2 = 8,000-
> Please pay to your tour guide on the spot by cash or cresit cards
> acceptable. Japan Gray Line
> Wataru YOSHIDA"
"Asakusa, old town and Sensoji temple

5 min transportation

Edo Tokyo Museum

4 min transportation


11 min transportation

Ginza "

Sat Dec. 6
Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Left over stuff from yesterday
"Shibuya Crossing (Scramble Kosaten)

2 min transportation

Meiji Shrine---Harajuku

7 min transportation


Explore Tokyo:  Nightlife:  Kabuki-cho district in Shinjuku (near gay area); see Kabuki play there"

Sun Dec. 7

Bullet Train to Kyoto (~3h)
"Check-out - Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Check-in - Hotel Granvia Kyoto
Room(s) booked: 1
Check In        12/7/2008
Check Out       12/9/2008
901 Higashi-shiokoii, Shiokoji Sagaru
Kyoto, Kyoto 600-8216
Explore Tokyo:  Sanheien Garden in Yokohama
"Check out of hotel
Train to Kyoto
Explore Kyoto:  Gion quarter (geisha area)

Mon Dec. 8

Hotel Granvia Kyoto
"Explore Kyoto:
Nijo Castle (Nijojo)
Eastern Kyoto shopping/tourist area
"Kyoto Imperial Palace (rather than the Imperial Palace in Tokyo)
Sanjusagada Hall (statues)
Kiyomiza temple"
Explore Kyoto:  Pontocho nightlife area

Tues Dec 9

Bullet Train to Hiroshima (~2h)
"Check-out - Hotel Granvia Kyoto
Check-in - Granvia Hotel Hiroshima"
Explore Kyoto - Brunch
"Check out of hotel
Train to Hiroshima
Explore Hiroshima:  Hiroshima Castle

Weds Dec. 10

Granvia Hotel Hiroshima
Explore Hiroshima:  Peace memorial museum and park
"Explore Miyajima Island (Hiroshima):
Take 30 minute train; Itsukushima shrine; Cable car to Mount Misen"
Explore Hiroshima:  Tea Ceremony (reservation required?)

Thurs Dec 11
6:55pm Depart Osaka UAL Flight 886, Arrive SFO 11:18am
Bullet Train from Hiroshima to Osaka Airport (KIX) (~2 hours)
Check-out - Granvia Hotel Hiroshima
Explore Hiroshima - Brunch
"Check out of hotel
Train to Osaka
Explore Osaka?"

Other Notes

Airport Limosine Bus:  Airport Limousine counters are located in the arrival lobbies (in front of the exit) of both Terminal 1 and 2.   When you arrive at Narita Airport, having gone through the Customs area, just look for our friendly staff at our counters in the arrival lobby of Terminal 1 and 2. Busses from Narita Airport leave from the arrival lobby on the 1st floor. Tickets can be purchased at our counters for all our destinations, except for Kichijoji Station, of which tickets will be available at the "KEISEI" bus ticket counter located in the same lobby. (Look for Airport Limosine desk)
Subway:  Suica and Pasmo are both rechargeable IC subway/train cards which work interchangeably.  Suica was offered for JR (i.e., former national railway now publicly owned), while Pasmo was offered for subways and other private railways.  Now, Suica and Pasmo work with both, so you should just buy whichever you can find.  You could even use Suica/Pasmo on public buses.  You can buy them at the automatic ticket booths in the train stations, and you just pre-charge them with whatever amount of money you want to charge with (in the order of 1000 yens I think).

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