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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Contact Management

Plaxo rolled out v3.0 beta tonight. I looked at it. Nope, still no use. Plaxo turned me off a long time ago with all those annoying e-mails it would send out to me as a contact of a Plaxo user. It was spam. Nowadays, I only have one address book, in Lotus Notes. That address book is automatically synced to my BlackBerry. That's all I need.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Community Service

Today was my company's community service day. This month, 30,000 of our employees will spend a whole day doing a community service project. At an average bill rate of $300/hour, that's around $72 million of revenue contributed towards community service. Not shabby. I volunteered in Gilroy to help paint at two subsidized housing programs. The weather was mild (rare in Gilroy), and we got a lot done. Photos posted on Flickr.

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Monday, June 18, 2007



At work, we've had a lot of discussions about "over programmed" students who interview with us. These are students who, as children, had parents who shuttled them from one activity to another, and had no independent playtime when they were sent out into the back yard for the afternoon to play in the sand box. Those kids grow up and turn into adults who can't think independently or perform on tasks that require long periods of independent work. My company has adapted by coming up with some programs for our new hires that, to some degree, mimic this programming, by giving them smaller, discrete tasks to work on, and shuttling them from one department to another during their first few years at the company. This has had mixed results.

I was listening to NPR the other day and I heard a discussion about college kids doing job interviews, and how companies were having to adapt to the parents (yes, that's right, the parents) coming along to the interviews, and making follow-up phone calls on behalf of their children. I was shocked at two things: First, that this even happens. And second, that companies were "adapting" (i.e., accommodating) to this. I am quite certain that at my company, if a parent tried to get involved in the interview process, the candidate would be rejected. After all, we can't have people bringing their parents along to client meetings, or sitting next to them in the office to help them with their work. What type of company would adapt to and accommodate a parent as part of the interview process?

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Nutrition Facts

1. Hunter-gatherers in the Australian outback today live on 800 varieties of plant foods. Modern Americans live principally on three: corn, soy and wheat.

2. The average American is eating 300 more calories each day than he or she did in 1985. Added sweeteners account for 23 percent of those additional calories; added fats, 24 percent.

3. In real dollars, the price of fresh fruits and vegetables has risen nearly 40 percent since 1985. In real dollars, the price of soft drinks has dropped 23 percent. The reason unhealthy foods tend to be less expensive on average than foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables has much to do with American farm policy.


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Thursday, June 7, 2007



I took this week off from work because six of my coworkers and friends are on an amazing journey down the cental coast of California, to raise money for AIDS charities. They trained for months, and this week they are riding over 450 miles from San Francisco to L.A. along with 2,500 other bikers and hundreds of logistics and support people. Early this week, I decided to drive down and join them. Around their base camps, I'm known as the "Flickr Guy" because I've been taking hundreds of pictures of the riders and posting them on line. Although the riders themselves are amazing because of the physical effort required to ride so many miles, and the $11 million they raised for AIDS charities, the logistics required to support these riders is equally amazing. Each day, over a hundred semi's, trucks and other support vehicles move a small city from one park to another. Semi's with portable showers, bathrooms, kitchens to prepare 5,000 meals a day, a mobile command center, doctors, chiropractors, sports therapists, counselors, and hundreds of volunteers ("roadies") to make it all happen, are moving down the coast from city to city. It's a really quite remarkable effort of incredible magnitude. I'll be at the finish line in L.A. on Saturday cheering on my coworkers and friends as they cross the finish line. I'm very proud of them!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007


AIDS LifeCycle

Today my friend Timmie, plus 5 of my coworkers, embarked on a 6 day, 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS research. Today I went to San Gregorio State Park (south of Half Moon Bay) to cheer the riders on, and visit my friends at their lunch stop. On Thursday, I will drive down to L.A., so I can be at the finish line when they arrive on Saturday.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Creative spellings

Here's a tip: When someone famous comes to your company to give a speech, and the national media is there, make sure you spell "tomorrow" correctly. And no, this wasn't doctored, it was on KTVU news.

Performance Reviews

It's performance review season at my work this month. We all spend an inordinate amount of time in June evaluating ourselves, our bosses, our staff, the people who sit near us, and then at the end of the day the partners made decisions behind closed doors about our raises and promotions.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Toys for Tots

Oh yes... your very own Deer Ride toy, complete with flashing lights.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



From WikiPedia:

"In May of 2007, after recently voting for a state bill to outlaw the use of cell phones while driving, [Carol] Migden caused an automobile accident while using her cell phone. While reaching for her cell phone, she took her eyes off the road and crashed her state funded 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV (which was a replacement for her state funded funded 2005 Cadillac STS) into a 2005 Honda sedan, which was stopped at a red light. The driver of the Honda sedan and her 3 year old daughter were injured and taken to the emergency room. Because the anti-cell phone law had not yet gone into effect, police did not cite Migden for talking on her cell phone."

Maybe Carol should be more concerned with her own reckless driving first before she worries about everyone else's.

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Friday, May 18, 2007


The Quotable Jerry Falwell

Any doubts this guy was a dumbass? Why did people listen to this guy?

"If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being."

"It is God's planet -- and he's taking care of it. And I don't believe that anything we do will raise or lower the temperature one point."

"I hope I live to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we won't have any public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. What a happy day that will be!"

"You know when I see somebody burning the flag, I'm a Baptist preacher I'm not a Mennonite, I feel it's my obligation to whip him. In the name of the Lord, of course. I feel it's my obligation to whip him."

"God doesn't listen to Jews."

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Two paths, and two directions

Two self-proclaimed Christians died less than 24 hours apart.

One was a civil libertarian, who fought for justice against racism and bigotry. She followed the teachings of Jesus, and was a compassionate Christian. She understood that there was more to the "Christian agenda" than abortion and homosexuality. She expressed her vision through her acting and speeches. I was fortunate enough to meet her a year ago after a speech she gave, and was amazed by her presence.

The other was a self-created celebrity who raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the name of Christianity, yet did little with that money to help the poor and downtrodden. Rather than building hospitals and shelters, he built institutions to further his name and his own agenda, which focused primarily on abortion and homosexuality. Every time I saw him on his own TV show, he was blaming the marginalized for world tragedies. He was far from compassionate, and therefore did not follow the teachings of Jesus.

If there is a Heaven and a Hell, I venture to guess that these two Christians did not end up in the same place. Yolanda is most certainly enjoying a cheese platter at a welcoming reception, and Jerry is roasting like a fat rotisserie chicken.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


And the world became a little less bigotted today

It's not often that I smile when a famous person dies. But when I read on CNN this morning that Jerry Falwell died, I found myself smiling. In the days following September 11, 2001, Jerry Falwell gave a speech in which he blamed civil libertarians, feminists, gays, lesbians, and abortion rights supporters for Al Qaeda's attack on our country. I had known for a while that he was a whacked-out nut, but that just clinched it for me.

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Get to know your audience

Tip for presidential candidates: Get to know your audience.

Bill Richardson (D - New Mexico) came to Google yesterday to try to win over the employees. He made two embarrassing errors. First, in a discussion about alternative energy, he said he would implement tax incentives "so companies like Google could install solar panels." Ooops, Google already runs off of their own solar panels, without any tax incentives.

Then, he said, "I'm Hispanic; the Richardson name doesn't help." He looked around the audience, and said, "You have no Hispanics here." Now that's a dumb thing to say in San Jose. Elliot Schrage, vice president for global communication who was interviewing Richardson, replied, "Of course we do."

Time to get a new prep person, Bill.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Human Race

On Saturday I was asked to be the photographer for the Human Race, a 5k and 10k run that takes place annually in Mountain View to raise funds for Bay Area charities. Photos here.

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View from behind home plate

My former coworkers invited me to an A's game yesterday. They had two club level suites stocked with a ton of food. It was pretty nifty.

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Monday, May 7, 2007


When corporate culture goes bad...

My company's China office put together a dance to welcome their new hires...

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Jung Quotes

"And if you didn't do your homework, the teachers would beat us."

"No, oatmeal isn't made out of rice, it's made out of oats. And don't keep putting meat in your oatmeal. That's wrong."

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Too simplistic?

Today I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the immigration protests that are taking place all over the country today, and some of the people who were being interviewed were saying that we need a solution to the problem of illegal immigration that gives the people who are here illegally a path to citizenship.

I'll admit, maybe I'm being too simplistic, but I think I have a solution. This plan seems to work for just about every other country in the world, including Mexico. Here's how it works: People who are here illegally leave. Then they apply to come back, just like everyone else has to. That's it. Two steps, it's a plan that gives them a path to citizenship, and it's fair to those who followed the rules in the first place.

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"It's not something you would want to put on in the car and listen to, but it's certainly an interesting piece of music," he said. "It's got a good medieval sound to it." Reference.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Teacher strikes

There's been a lot of news lately about teacher strikes in the east bay. I don't have a problem with teacher's striking. That's their right, and they are certainly underpaid, so if they want to strike, that's fine. What I don't get is parents who support teacher strikes by keeping their kid out of school. That's hurting the kid, and sending mixed messages: Schools have a finite amount of money to spend. They can't charge more for their services or products to generate more money. Fixed funds. They can either spend that money on teacher salaries, or art/music programs. When they have to spend more on teacher salaries to avoid strikes, then they have to cut art and music programs. And vice versa. When school districts cut art and music programs, people protest. When school districts cut teacher salaries, people protest. Fixed funds, people. It has to come from somewhere.

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Who is the sucker?

There are more and more state and federal proposals for bailing out the sub-prime mortgage market with taxpayer dollars. Basically, this means that the government would mail out all those people who got mortgages they couldn't afford over the last few years. For example, the reverse-amortization, interest only mortgages that have adjustable interest rates. Those interest rates have started going up, and the homeowners are finding that they can't make the monthly payments. At the same time, the housing values have decreased slightly, and they can't afford to sell their houses. So the government is thinking about bailing them out to refinance them into mortgages they can afford.

I'm so glad to hear this, because it means that the next time I make a stupid decision and spend more than I can afford, the government will bail me out too. Instead of buying a moderately priced car a few months ago, I guess I should have gone ahead and splurged on a car I couldn't afford, because the government would bail me out of my monthly payment.

Once again, those of us who are fiscally responsible are getting screwed by the government bailing out those who aren't fiscally responsible.

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Friday, April 20, 2007


Let's talk about solutions

The TV round tables this week have featured liberals predictably calling for another look at gun control. The interesting thing has been the conservative counterparts. Most of the moderate conservatives aren't saying anything. Probably because they know their pro-gun position isn't popular right now. The only people who have been willing to participate in the round tables on CNN and MSNBC are the far right wing gun proponents who think the solution to the Virginia Tech problem is for more students and teachers to carry firearms, so that they could have shot Cho before he killed more people. Now there's an interesting position.

I have my own interesting position, and it consists of two parts:

1. If we want to solve the gun problem in the U.S., talking about gun control laws isn't going to cut it. We have a constitutional problem that prevents most effective gun control laws from becoming reality. The solution is to change the Constitution. Hey, if we can have a serious debate about amending the constitution to prevent gays from marrying, why can't we at least have the debate about amending the Second Amendment?

2. Even if the Second Amendment is amended, there are a lot of guns out on the streets now that could never be taken off the street. An important part of any gun control solution is changing the culture of guns and violence in America. And that is much more difficult than changing laws, or even the constitution. I'm not sure how to change a national culture. Even a national tragedy on the magnitude of Virginia Tech or 9/11 may not be sufficient. It may take a grass roots effort to change the role of guns and violence in our movies and TV shows.

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End of busy season party

Last night was our end of busy season party, to celebrate the end of one of our busier times of the year. Everyone had a good time, including Vinh and his wild dancing movies. Photos here.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Can I get a C?

I am now 3/5ths done with my MST degree (that's a Master's of Science in Tax for those of you who aren't my coworkers). Why the words "science" and "tax" go together in the same sentence I'm not sure. But that's not my point this time. I'm 3/5ths of the way done, and the class I just finished is Taxation of Partners and Partnerships. For those of us who work in the tax field, but don't specialize in partners and partnerships, partnership taxation is just about the most difficult, non-intuitive area of tax there is. Which made my final exam yesterday particularly difficult.

To compound the problem, I didn't really study or participate in class this semester. I spent some time this weekend studying, just long enough to realize I probably wasn't going to be able to wing it on my final. In all my other classes, I knew enough tax knowledge to be able to wing it and get at least a B. The magic "B" ... the threshhold for tuition reimbursement from my company. I have to get a B, otherwise I'm out $2,200 for the class.

About half way through my final exam yesterday I redefined the thresshold question. I was no longer worried about getting a "B" for reimbursement of my tuition. I was more concerned with getting a "C" so that I didn't not have to repeat the course.

I managed to finish the exam. On the last question, I used a combination of random numbers and obscure code sections to try to get at least partial credit. I figured if I get enough partial credit on each of the 5 questions on the exam, maybe it will add up to a C.

I'm not keen on getting C's, but then again, since I've been working for 6 years, I don't really care about my GPA. I just want to get the degree completed.

I won't know for about 2 weeks what my grade is. Here's hoping for a C!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


College Writings

"I hate him. Must kill Dick. Must kill Dick. Dick must die. Kill Dick."

-- College Paper by VT shooter Seung Cho

"I wanna kill him. I wanna watch him bleed the way he made us kids bleed."

-- College Paper by VT shooter Seung Cho

Obviously a very troubled person. And yet he was able to legally purchase two firearms, with a background check that took only minutes.

There's so many things wrong with this picture I don't know where to start.

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Monday, April 16, 2007



I saw the power of my Meebo chat badge today:

[16:37] meeboguest153900: hey a 2l @ scu law and I was wondering if you had a community property outline lying around by any chance

[16:37] twisesq: I do in fact

[16:38] twisesq:

[16:38] twisesq: That was from Father Goda's class

[16:38] meeboguest153900: you'd be proud to know i am in class as we speak with Goda

[16:38] meeboguest153900: thank you so much

[16:38] twisesq: haha, hilarious, enjoy!!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007


New Features

For those of you who read my blog using a newsreader reader like Bloglines, there's a new feature to the website: Status. I'm using twitter, the latest social networking craze, to provide a status update feed. The feed appears on my website, and has its own RSS feed that you can add to your newsreader.

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San Jose Giants

My team from work went to see the San Jose Giant's play. That's the AAA minor league team to the San Francisco Giants. They were in the lead in the 7th inning when I left. My hot dog, garlic fries, and large bag of peanuts cost less than a chili fries at AT&T park.

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Friday, April 13, 2007


L.A. Road Trip

Timmie is not just a friend of mine, he is also one of my heroes. I've known him for around five years, and among many other things that I have learned from him is my ability to ski, snowblade, and take pictures that aren't blurry. This June Timmie is participating in the AIDS LifeCycle bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I don't take many vacations, but I decided it was time for a road trip. So, in early June, I will be driving down to L.A. to cheer Timmie and several of my other friends and coworkers on as they cross the finish line in L.A. Of course, I'll have my camera equipment there too. If you're looking to make a tax deductible donation to a good cause, let me suggest the AIDS LifeCycle, and specifically my friend Timmie.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In the news

My friend Rich made the newspaper. Yay, Rich!

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Class Action Lawsuits

Some people don't like class action lawsuits, and think they are an abuse of the legal system and should be prohibited. But how about in the case of the dog and cat food? Do you think every pet owner affected is going to sue for the relatively small amount of vet bills? Unlikely. Hopefully through a class action lawsuit (several have been filed) the company that poisoned all these pets can be held liable, and the pet owners can recover their vet bills.

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Three young college students had their lives ruined over the last few years because a stripper initially claimed they raped her. Then she changed her story, and said they didn't. Despite no physical evidence linking the three college students to a crime, they were arrested and kicked out of Duke University based on the allegations of the stripper. Today, all charges were dropped, and the now-fired District Attorney who pressed the charges will likely lose his law license, and will certainly be sued by the college students.

"Could someone please tell me where I can go to get my reputation back?" -- Ray Donovan, former U.S. Secretary of Labor following his exoneration on fraud and larceny charges.

Indeed, where can these three former college students go to get their reputation, college education, and millions spent defending themselves back? Such an embarrassment for Raleigh, North Carolina and Duke University.

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Sunday, April 8, 2007



My friend Andy made a very good observation on Friday. Why do people think employees of large, multinational corporations get Good Friday off work? As Andy said, "it would be be offensive to my thousands of Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist coworkers who don't get their holidays off." My company is about the same size as Andy's, and I agree, it is unimaginable for us to have Good Friday off from work, because of the many other significant holidays that a large population of our employees would not be getting off.

Today I needed to buy some cough syrup, so I headed over to Target. They were closed. So was Kohl's. I wonder what their non-Christian employees think about that, and if they have floating holidays to celebrate their important holidays? Doubtful. My company provides all of us with 2 floating holidays to take off whenever we want, for any reason, or for no reason. I think that's the best way to handle religious holidays.

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What's the deal with people waving the Mexican flag while demonstrating on behalf of rights for illegal immigrants? A few days ago in L.A. there was a demonstration to give people who are here illegally the same rights that the people have who are here legally. The news reports said that many of the demonstrators were waving Mexican flags.

I think some people are a bit confused. They might get more sympathy and support for their cause if (1) they didn't break our laws from the get-go, and (2) they were waving the flag of the country they purport to want to be citizens of. Just a thought.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007



I've been working on a few projects lately. One is cleaning up my name off the internet. I removed a lot of pages from the internet that had my name on them, in an effort to anonymize myself a bit better from Google and the other search engines. It's taken a few weeks but a lot of references to me are now gone.

I've also started using a cool tool called for instant messaging. It's a web / AJAX client that runs quite well, and eliminates the need to run a separate program like Trillian to manage my Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and GTalk accounts.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Environmental Hypocrites

I wish someone could explain a few environmental positions to me:

1. Why do environmentalists oppose nuclear power? Why do we not have more nuclear power in California (or the U.S. for that matter)? No one has ever died from nuclear power in the U.S. Not one person. Not even on Three Mile Island. How many thousands of people have died in coal mining accidents and from effects of coal-burning pollution? If the environmentalists had embraced nuclear power 20 years ago, we might not be having the global warming and energy issues those same environmentalists are complaining about now.

2. A woman's van gets surrounded by Critical Mass bicyclists, her van gets trashed, while the three children inside the van are terrified for their lives. The bicyclists say the driver of the van instigated the confrontation, yet none of the bicyclists were willing to provide their names or a statement of facts to the police. That seems pretty suspicious to me. Also, the bicyclists routinely break the law by cutting off vehicles and running red lights en mass during Critical Mass. The bicyclists routinely tie up traffic, causing even more pollution and smog. Why does San Francisco tolerate this lawlessness? Does the city not realize that it drives people (and thus money) away from the city?

3. San Franciscans ban plastic bags at grocery stores, in favor of significantly more expensive biodegradable bags. This will drive up the price of groceries. These same people complain about the high cost of living in San Francisco. Please ... you aren't going to have it both ways.

4. The price of gas doesn't matter to me. I can't reduce my driving, because the Bay Area has horrible public transit systems. Gas can go up to $5 a gallon, and I won't reduce my driving, because I can't. Plus, I can afford to pay $5 a gallon. The burden is going to have to fall on the poor to demand better public transportation systems and more fuel efficient cars.

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Friday, March 30, 2007



Today dozens of students all over California skipped school (i.e., broke the law) to publicly demonstrate that there should be a national Cesar Chavez holiday.

Note to students: Very few people outside of California know who Cesar Chavez is, or care. It's really just a California thing.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


More social networking

After discontinuing Friendster and LinkedIn, cutting back on MySpace, focusing more on Facebook, I'm now experimenting with Twitter. Does anyone else use it?

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Monday, March 26, 2007


ABC Special Report

This morning ABC news broke into regular programming to announce that Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose.

And this is news why? Didn't we all know that the day she died? Why is this loser even newsworthy?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Last weekend I went on a 4 day trip to Mammoth Mountain, a huge ski resort near Yosemite. It was a 6.5 hour drive, but it was worth it. Beautiful weather, no ski jacket necessary, and really good snow (for those of us who like slushy snow). It was one of the top ski trips I've had. Probably the last for this season, too.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007



"Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged he was having an extramarital affair even as he led the charge against President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, he acknowledged in an interview with a conservative Christian group."

Okay, let's review: Gingrich. Republican. Conservative. Family values. Bible-thumper Christian. Married twice. Discussed divorce terms with first wife while she was in the hospital with cancer. Remarried months later. Then cheated on second wife. But says gay marriage is anti-family values. Umm ... why?

Why do Americans tolerate this? Why do people consider him a leader? Why do all these conservative religious people turn out to be hypocrites? When will this country wake up and realize it's all a sham? What a joke.

Edit: Sorry, I heard on the news that the affair was actually against his THIRD wife. Now those are some hard core family values.

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Birthday Cards

Some of the students in my mom's class made me birthday cards! They're all so colorful.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007



I went to see the new Zodiac movie tonight. Boy was that good. I was captivated. Wikipedia reports most of the information in the movie is accurate.

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Friday, March 2, 2007



For those of my friends who are on Facebook, add me!

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Monday, February 26, 2007


The Corporate Jet

Plane ticket to Austin: $650

Night at the Marriott: $175

Cost of two hour dinner at PF Chang's: $825

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Googling Myself

I went over to Google today to have lunch with my friend (and former coworker) Korey. We had a nice lunch, and then a smoothie at the smoothie bar (all of this is free of course). They had shot glasses of wheatgrass, so we tried some of that. Before I drank mine, Korey said "it tastes like grass." That's Korey!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar

I found out that there's a documentary coming out called "A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar". It'll be playing at film festivals and independent theatres. The producers informed me that my website was consulted many times during the making of the movie.

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Friday, February 16, 2007


Austin, TX

I'm going to Austin next Wednesday for work. A three-hour recruiting dinner at UT Austin, to be specific.

Round-Trip Flight to Austin: $550

One Night at the Austin Marriott: $156

Three-hour dinner at UT Austin: Really Expensive.

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Loser of the day

"Police say an alleged bank robber's dated clothing gave him away after he was caught holding up a San Francisco Citibank branch on a surveillance camera wearing the same Members Only jacket and hair net that his probation officer photographed him with the day he was released from prison."

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


15 MPG Honda Civic

I spotted this car on 101 south, somewhere around San Carlos. It was going about 65 MPH, which was impressive given the drag.

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Friday, February 9, 2007


The Drama

Oh My God. Who's next to announce they might be Anna Nicole's baby's daddy?

"The husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor said Friday that he had a decade-long affair with Anna Nicole Smith and may be her infant daughter's father. The claim by Prince Frederick von Anhalt comes amid a paternity suit over Smith's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn. The birth certificate lists Dannielynn's father as attorney Howard K. Stern, but former Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead is waging a legal challenge, saying he is the father. "If you go back from September, she wasn't with one of those guys, she was with me," von Anhalt told The Associated Press in an interview Friday."

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007



"I don't think it's not unreasonable."

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Monday, January 29, 2007



This weekend driving back from Tahoe I saw a strange looking luxury car on the freeway in Sacramento. It was strange because it had curtains in the back window and side passenger windows. My friend Galen recognized the car as a Maybach, a very high end German car. Minimum MSRP, $305,000. Wow. The car has more standard features than most houses.

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"Let's say the world has only e-books, then someone introduces this technology called 'paper.' It's cheap, portable, lasts essentially forever, and requires no batteries. You can't write over it once it's been written on, but you buy more very cheaply. Wouldn't that technology come to dominate the market?"
-- Harvard Business School professor Andrew McAfee cites the kind of "flip test" that should be applied to anything that ends in "2.0"

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Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's "Shirt Day" at The Office

It's "Shirt Day" at The Office

Yesterday my company handed out polo shirts to the team leaders, and strongly suggested that we wear them. Short sleeve polo shirts. In January.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Degerminating Sponges

From Reuters ...

"Reports about a study that found microwave ovens can be used to sterilize kitchen sponges sent people hurrying to test the idea this week -- with sometimes disastrous results." "...several experimenters evidently left out the crucial step of wetting the sponge."

"Just wanted you to know that your article on microwaving sponges and scrubbers aroused my interest. However, when I put my sponge/scrubber into the microwave, it caught fire, smoked up the house, ruined my microwave, and pissed me off," one correspondent wrote in an e-mail to Reuters.
"First, the sponge is worthless afterwards so you have to throw it out instead of using it. And second your entire house stinks like a burning tire for several hours, even with windows/doors open," complained another.
"The university issued the following advisory: "To guard against the risk of fire, people who wish to sterilize their sponges at home must ensure the sponge is completely wet. Two minutes of microwaving is sufficient for most sterilization. Sponges should also have no metallic content. Last, people should be careful when removing the sponge from the microwave as it will be hot."

I think that last sentence was just thrown in for laughs.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007


That's why it's called Heavenly.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Okay ... But What's The Problem?

AP - "The first Muslim elected to Congress says he will take his oath of office using a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson. ... Some critics have argued that only a Bible should be used for the swearing-in. Last month, Rep. Virgil Goode, R-Va., warned that unless immigration is tightened, "many more Muslims" will be elected and follow Ellison's lead. Ellison was born in Detroit and converted to Islam in college."

So ... apart from demonstrating that he's a bigot, what exactly is Rep. Goode's point? Why should only a Bible be used for the swearing-in? What is wrong with "many more Muslims" being elected and sworn in using Thomas Jefferson's Quran? I guess you have to be a bigot to understand what the problem is.

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Look ma, no poles!

One of the few pictures I have of myself skiing on my snowblades.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Back to Work

It's hard to go back to work after a 10 day break. But here I am! At least traffic was very light today.

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