working conditions

I'm a firm believer in alternative working arrangements.  If I'm busy on a project during lunchtime, I will usually work through it, and take my lunchtime later.

During my first several years in public accounting, I would often work through lunch, and then head down to the gym in our building in the early afternoon.  During my 30 minute run on the treadmill, I would often see our head partner sitting out by the pool smoking a cigar, taking a conference call.  Many days he would sit in a way that would make me think he was looking right at me.  One day I caught up with him and explained my lunchtime arrangement.  He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I don't care what you do, just keep doing good work.  By the way, I couldn't even see you though the one-way glass."

Later on in my career I took a few more liberties.  When I was at KPMG, one Friday a month I tried to work from home.  I found it very productive, both personally and for work, and I looked forward to those days. 

Starting around 2006 I had the ability to work wirelessly on my laptop from anywhere, and I would occasionally take my laptop to Starbucks and work from there.  After several such trips, I realized that people do strange things at Starbucks.  I overheard many interviews and many sales pitches.  On one occasion I saw three guys sit down at a table near me.  Two of them were firing the third.  It was a very awkward Starbucks moment.

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