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skyline to the sea hike

Skyline to the Sea Trail Backpacking Hike Trip Outline
This hike descends from Big Basin Redwoods State Park to the Pacific Ocean at Rancho del Oso (Highway 1 and Waddell Beach), and then returns (up) to Big Basin the next day.  The hike offers spectacular vistas, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and an overnight trail camp near the beach.

·       26 horizontal miles ·       1,000 (?) net vertical feet descent / 1,000 (?) net vertical feet ascent ·       Approx. 30 hours total trip time (start out Saturday morning, camp overnight Saturday night, return Sunday afternoon), approx. 14 hours of hike time
Dates to be determined, but sometime in August/September/October time frame.

·       Day 1: Big Basin Redwoods State Park to Waddell Beach (13.0m / 1230‘ ascent / 6:15 hours) ·       Day 2: Waddell Beach to Big Basin Redwoods State Park (13.0m / ?’ ascent / 7:30 hours (est.))

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I started running in the spring of 2001.  At first it was just around the block after work, but eventually I worked up to three miles in thirty minutes.  In May of 2003, I decided to run the Human Race 5K run.  But when I got to the 5K/10K fork, I decided to go for the 10K.  I managed to cross the finish line in just under an hour.  I ran several other 10K races in 2003, until I injured my knee hiking Yosemite's Half Dome in October 2003.  I decided to run again in 2004.  My goal for the summer was to break the 50 minute mark (8 minute mile), which I did.  I took 2005 off from running to focus on other activities.  I'm getting back into running for 2006, with the hopes of completing a marathon.

"There will be days when you are not sure if you can finish a race.  There will be a lifetime knowing that you have."

"The miracle isn't that you finished a run.  The miracle is that you had the courage to start one."

My favorite 10K race is the Wharf to Wharf race,…

lacie's weekly menu

One of These
CarrotsSweet potatoes
And Two of These
EdamameSugar snap peasBlueberriesGrapesPapayaMangoCornRegular potatoesBananaApplePearCornbread

chinese food words cheat sheet

I made this list when I was going to Asia on one of my trips, so that I could cover the basics with non-English speakers.

Rice              Fun
Chicken              Chee
Pork              Jew Row
Beef              Niu Row
Noodle              Mein (fried = Chow)
Fried Rice           Chow Fun
Fried Noodle      Chow Fan
Bathroom           Chu Sua

power elite vs pluralist explanation models

October, 1996

The means by which public policy is created can be described by using two models: The power elite model, and the pluralist explanation model. Neither of these two models conforms to the democratic ideal of individualism, but rather delegates governmental power to groups of people. The power elite model suggests that the people who hold the power are in charge of the policy for our country, with little regard for those who are not in power. This group of people consults with their less powerful advisors, but never with average citizens, which results in a cessation of democracy. The powerful elite consists mainly of wealthy white males, both in Congress and as CEOs of large corporations. They have the ability to control the lives of the population through their policy decisions.
There are three realms in which the power elite function. The economy, the military and the political arena. Each of these three realms is made up of the most powerful people in each specialty. For …