brazil (sample itinerary)

6/1 Flying Flying "San Francisco (SFO) to Houston (IAH)         06/01/         1:43 PM - 7:29 PM        UNITED 1479
Houston (IAH) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)         06/01/         9:05 PM - 9:25 AM +1 day        UNITED 129

6/2/ Rio de Janeiro Orientation Transfer to Hotel: Hotel will provide, R$150. Pay to driver. Reserved w/Emilia Nucci 5/24 (confirmed). Arriving GIG 9:25 AM Check in: Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza Hotel

6/3/ Rio de Janeiro Tram to Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer) Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza Hotel

6/4/ Rio de Janeiro Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza Hotel

6/5/ Manaus "Mostly a flight day
Explore Manaus in the evening" "Transfer from Hotel: (use taxi)
Transfer to Hotel: Taxi approx US$30" GIG to MAO:  Rio de Janeiro (GIG) to Manaus (MAO)        06/05/         12:02 pm - 3:03 pm        TAM Airlines 3766 "Check out: Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza Hotel
Check in: Caesar Business Manaus"

6/6/ Manaus Amazon Rainforest Caesar Business Manaus

6/7/ Manaus Some activity in Manaus the morning / early PM before flight "Transfer from Hotel: Taxi approx US $30
Transfer to Hotel: Car service for R$90, pay at hotel lobby once arrived - set up with Mariza Goulart 5/24 (confirmed)." "MAO to IGU
Manaus (MAO)Depart 4:47 pm to         Sao Paulo (GRU)Arrive 9:40 pm Terminal 1        1,671 mi(2,689 km) Duration: 3hr 53mn        
Flight: 3749Economy/Coach Class , Airbus A330
Sao Paulo (GRU)Depart 11:50 pm Terminal 1 to         Iguassu Falls (IGU)Arrive 1:35 am +1 day        531 mi(855 km) Duration: 1hr 45mn        
Flight: 3557" "Check out: Caesar Business Manaus
Check in: Hotel das Cataratas"

6/8/ Iguacu "Argengine side of the falls?
Macuco boat safari
Dinner in downtown Foz do Igacu" Arrival early morning Hotel das Cataratas

6/9/ Flying "Brazilian side of the falls in the morning
Flying in the PM
Dinner at Rio airport" Transfer from Hotel: (taxi / hotel car service) "IGU to GIG (PM): Iguassu Falls (IGU) to Rio de Janeiro (GIG)         06/09/         3:25 PM - 5:23 PM        TAM Airlines 3189
Rio de Janeiro (GIG) to Houston (IAH)         06/09/         8:55 PM - 5:20 AM +1 day        UNITED 128
Houston (IAH) to San Francisco (SFO)         06/10/         7:35 AM - 9:39 AM        UNITED 1666
UAL Conf. # MF41TJ; Seats selected" Check out: Hotel das Cataratas

6/10/ Flying Flying Arriving SFO 9:39 AM

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