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2013 new year's resolutions

No sodas (including diet)No caffeine (coffee)Less sugar, more veggies, lean proteins, resulting in 140lbsShort, productive workouts, almost daily (track on fitocracy)Travel more. Retain status on UAL.Select new car

law school outline: wills and trusts

Wills & Trusts
Community Property
Law of domicile at time of acquisition of property controls classification.
Separate property: Acquired before marriage, or during marriage by gift, bequest, devise or descent. Surviving spouse has no vested right to other�s SP.  Growth of SP is SP.Community property (�100): Acquired when domiciled in CA by one of the spouses during the marriage by time, labor and skill. During life, either spouse cannot dispose of without consent. Each spouse can dispose of � in will; other � must go to surviving spouse. Other spouse then has right of disposition to his half.Quasi-community property (�101): Acquired when not domiciled in CA which would have been community property had the spouses been domiciled in CA. Until death or divorce, no right of surviving spouse to access or dispose of.  Half must go to surviving spouse at death, other half can be disposed of.
Spouse who claims separate property must trace and identify itClassification can be altered (transmu…