checklist for getting a rabbit

Full spectrum flourescent light
Timer for light
Wire cubes: 46 panels
Plywood for base - 32" x 46"
Wire ties - White / Clear
Linolium to cover plywood
Wooden Circular Dowel - 1" x 44"
Wheels (4)
Plywood for shelves - TBD, make sure bunny can't fall from top to bottom
Binder clips
Clear plastic sides - 5" x circumfrence on inside, cabletied to sides
Blankets (old towels) to cover shelves
Grass mats to cover floors, velcroed to linolium?
Hiding places (bunched up towels, tubes, boxes)
Pooper Scooper
Litter - Yesterday's News
Toenail clippers
Wood for chewing
Water bottle
Food bowl
Hay (Timothy, Oat, or Grass) or straw - daily; young bunnies need alfalfa
Brush (weekly)
Litterbox with edges
Apple slices for treats
Enzymes and laxatives (passing hair)
Vegetables - introduce gradually
Spay/Neuter at 3-6 mos

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