ernst & young application questions

Circa 1998.

Question:              Describe your single most significant accomplishment in the past two years, and how that accomplishment demonstrates your qualifications for a position at Ernst & Young.

              My single most significant accomplishment in the past two years is achieving my goal of graduating from San Jose State University in three years with a 3.50 GPA.  I was able to achieve my goal, and exceed it by graduating not only with a major in Political Science but also with a minor in Administration of Justice.  Further, I graduated cum laude, on the Dean’s List, and with several distinguished honors.  This was a goal I set upon graduating from high school in 1994. 
              In order to achieve my goal, I formulated a detailed three year plan of which courses I would take, and how to incorporate my school schedule with my work schedule, which required twenty hours a week of my time.  Because of my high motivation and determination to achieve my goal, I was successful, and exceeded my own expectations.
              I believe this accomplishment demonstrates my qualifications for a position at Ernst & Young because it displays my motivation as a goal setter and my determination to achieve goals which I set for myself.  These characteristics, as well as my tenacious organization skills, enable me to apply my skills and abilities towards projects and complete them with excellent results.
Question:              Describe a significant contribution you have made to an organization.
              My law school provides an opportunity for students to study law abroad.  I signed up to study in Hong Kong.  The on-campus organization which administers the program is chronically understaffed and overworked, and therefore has difficulty distributing information to the participants which would enable them to better enjoy and benefit from their experience.  I perceived this need, and formulated a solution.
              I created an extensive web site for the Hong Kong program, including profiles of the participants and professors, a discussion forum for the participants, and comprehensive information about our destination.
              This project has become a model for a much more extensive web site for the entire program, which the coordinators foresee will help increase visibility of the program and alleviate the demands on the program staff.

Question:              Describe a recent situation when you were required to demonstrate                                                motivation.
              I was recently required to demonstrate motivation when a professor at my law school asked me to perform research on American Depository Receipts.  The professor did not realize the volume of data which he was requesting, and I perceived that he would be unable to use the data effectively due to the magnitude.  Therefore, I created summaries of each article, and integrated the summaries into spreadsheets, sorting the articles by publication, date, and topic.  This enabled the professor to utilize the data in a more efficient and thorough manner.

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