Hi!  I'm Lacie.  I am a blue headed pionus parrot (pionus menstruus).  I was born in Morro Bay, California on November 3, 2001.  Now I live in Campbell, California in my townhouse.  I've lived there since February 3, 2002.

My species (blue headed) is one of three species of pionus parrots.  My ancestors are from South America, but I've never been outside of California.  I have a bright blue head, and a green body. You can't tell if I am a girl or a boy just by looking at me, but my prior owner had my DNA tested and that's when I learned I am a girl parrot.  I weigh around 215 grams, which makes me pretty sexy for a girl parrot!  I have a twin brother, but I've lost contact with him.  If you see him, ask him what his e-mail address is.

I live in a nice big cage in my family room.  I get the San Francisco Chronicle delivered every day to the bottom of my cage.  I eat a yummy mix of fruits, vegetables, pellets, and nuts.  I really like peanuts, even though I'm supposed to eat mostly pellets.

I'm a pretty quiet parrot, so I don't disturb my neighbors.  But that also means I don't talk much.  I do enjoy playing with humans though, especially when they let me walk around with them on their shoulder.  Sometimes I get to go outside and enjoy the warm sun.  I won't fly away, because my wings are clipped.  

My species has an average life span of about 25 years, so I'll be around for quite a while!

I love having my picture taken, and I'm very good at posing for the camera.

During the day I play in my cage and listen to the radio.  In the evenings, I play on the roof of my cage, and sometimes watch television.  I have plenty of perches and toys to play with, and a wooden gymnasium that I like to climb on and chew.
-- Lacie

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