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California Bar Exam Primer - Media Kit (c. 2002)

Travis Wise, a graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law, created a website called the California Bar Exam Primer in the summer of 2000 while he was preparing for the California bar exam. He does not claim to be an expert on the exam, but created the site to pass along his experience to others.

The Primer offers everything from the history of the exam to substantive preparation material, and plenty of practical tips for people who are studying for the exam.

Travis says that his goal in creating the Primer was to share his experience with others, in the hope that they may benefit from what he has learned. “Few of life’s experiences will match that of the bar exam, and it’s unfortunate that there is so much secrecy and silence about the process.” Travis’ site has a section that discusses the psychological toll that the exam has on so many students. He says, “The most important thing is to remain calm, not only during the exam, but also when you are studying.”

Travis successfully passed the July 2000 exam, one of the hardest in the nation, and now works for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in San Jose, California. He says he spends several hours a week keeping the Primer updated and answering questions that he receives by e-mail about the bar exam. Why is he so helpful? “It’s just part of my nature.” He also does twenty hours of pro bono work each month, and worked at a public interest law clinic for one year during law school.

The Primer website has had over 30,000 hits in just one year, making it one of the most popular law school-related web sites on the internet. The site has no affiliation with any commercial bar preparation programs.

Permission to reprint excerpts from the California Bar Exam Primer website is granted with the condition that the reprint must credit the California Bar Exam Primer and include a link to ...

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