practice interview questions (high school exercise)

You are interviewing for a position at Longs Drugstore.  Your duties include running the checkout register, stocking products on shelves, and helping customers in any way possible.

Make up an answer if you don’t want to answer personal questions.

·       Where do you go to school?
·       How are your grades?
·       When are you graduating?
·       I notice you have an accent, what country are you from?
·       Why do you want to work here?
·       How will you get to work?  (reliable?)
·       Is your evening and weekend schedule flexible?
·       Can you work until midnight a few days a week?
·       Do you have any children?
·       What is the last job you held?
·       Why did you leave it?
·       How long do you want to work here?  Is this a temporary job?
·       If a customer insists the price that comes up on the cash register is wrong, what should you do?
·       Your best friend gets a job at the store, and one day you see her take a package of cookies and put them in her purse.  What would you do? (confront friend and tell management)
·       Have you ever been arrested for shoplifting?  [“convicted” ok]
·       Tell me a time you successfully worked on a team?
·       This job requires a lot of overtime hours – can you cut back your school schedule or drop out for a semester to work here?  (this is not a place you want to work)
How to respond to illegal interview questions (in blue):  Answer honestly, esp if you don’t mind; tell them you don’t want to answer that (risk loosing job but file complaint); decide you don’t want to work there – probably a bad place to work.

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