promotion day quote list

"I wasn't even drunk yet this morning" (10:30 am) 
"Stick it and spin it" 
"It tastes like dirt ...try some" 
"I got a gummy worm in my pocket" 
"Do you have Johnnie Blue Label?" 
"Are you still wet?" 
"Jeanne ...that's what you get for sticking your finger where it doesn't belong!" 
"Like Bill Cosby but white and Jewish" 
"Can I see your ID?" 
"You better say "I do" quick!" 
"Don't fuck it up!" 
"When did I get this gummy bear?" 
"You are spilling ...suck harder" 
"We are not wanging chnng tonight" 
"Medium rare and nothing else"
"I like to wear clothes" 
"I am keeping the gummy worm warm" 
"What if I practiced too hard?" 
"I am doing pretty good of my coworkers is trying to marry me" 
"There is many other things going on" 
"Mila...the queen of nasty, you can Google that" 
"No coming 'ti1 8:08:08" 
"No we do not need no fucking condoms ...we want kids" 
"I can beat you with a beer bong"

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