shopping for aquarium stands

This is the type of stand. It's hardwood maple, and can hold weight (50 gal aquarium is 600 pounds).  The one I get will be light colored wood, and not have the center drawers - just two doors, solid wood (no glass).  I may add some additional wood support to the bottom to transfer weight from the center post to the floor directly.  The one I will get is 44" wide x 31" high x 21.5" deep.  The aquarium is 36" wide x 20" high x 15" deep.

This is the wood selection and handle selection.  I'll likely go with the top row, second from the right (distressed maple).  For the nob, the maple one on the far right.

This is the distressed maple toast the I like.

The back of the distressed maple toast

Non-distressed, light maple on the left, darker maple on the right.  I'd need the darker to match.

Nob selection.  I'd go with the maple on the right (matches dresser) or the metal on the lower left (matches nightstands and all other hardware in the house).

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