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essay on packet radio

                         Fiction, by Travis A. Wise (c.1993)

     My name is Travis Wise.  My callsign is KB8FOU, and I have my General
class license.  I have been a ham for four years, and I have been active
on packet for three of those four years.  I am also active on VHF and UHF
frequencies, and dabble in HF.  I am a "radio person."

     I am also a "computer person." I have been using computers for many years,
and as a BBS SysOp, I am fairly knowledgeable about computers.  I had little
problem hooking up my packet TNC to my computer, and working out the software
and hardware bugs.

     Many people are both "computer people" and "radio people," but there is
a large population of hams who have never delt with computers before, and
are now getting into packet.  This is encouraged even more by the no-code
Technician license.  In this story, I make a clear difference between "computer
people" and …

unpretty tweet archives 12/2012 - 1/2013

Archived Tweets. 3h Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I earned 1350 points for my workout on @Fitocracy! Expand 25 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I earned 1055 points for my workout on @Fitocracy! Expand 24 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq @mike14780 @fitocracy Thanks Michael!! View conversation 24 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I earned 637 points for my workout on @Fitocracy! Expand 23 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I earned 1506 points for my workout on @Fitocracy! Expand 22 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I earned 1428 points for my workout on @Fitocracy! Expand 20 Jan Noah Zerkin ‏@noazark Yeeeah... I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On the downtown 3 train. Nice guy. Retweeted by Travis Wise View photo 20 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I earned 287 points for my workout on @Fitocracy! Expand 19 Jan Travis Wise ‏@twisesq I…

things to remember

"We cherish those who hurt us and neglect those who love us." -- Unknown

speech script about hambbs

(Speech notes to a San Jose technology user's group, circa early 1990's)

I was asked to come here to give a short talk tonight on the BBS
I run, the HamBBS, and to provide some information about one of
my hobbies, Amateur radio.  I'll keep my talk as short as
possible due to the Association elections tonight. 

Before I begin, I'd like to give a brief background on myself.
I am a member of the United SysOps Association.  I'm a student
at Del Mar High School in Campbell, where I'm also the editor of
the school yearbook.  I'm the vice president of the West Valley
Amateur Radio Association, a 300 member ham radio group in San
Jose, and I am a columnest for Worldradio magazine, a
publication catering to the interests of Amateur radio
operators. I have been an Amateur radio operator for four years,
and currently hold my General class license, which is the third
level of five.  I am also a frequent speaker at ham radio
conventions, which we call Hamfests, across the country on t…

negotiation notes

Travis A. Wise Prof. Adair Fall, 1999
Negotiations I.                 Week 1We learned in class that an ideal negotiator monitors the content, process, and personalities.  The content consists of issues, needs and interests, and principals.  Each of those categories has increasing degrees of attached importance.  It is bad to negotiate on the issues level because everyone has different issues.  The needs and interests level indicates why the issues are important, and may provide for mutual agreement (more commonality).  The principals consist of societal norms (i.e. don’t evict the tenant during the holidays).
This makes a lot of sense, and I learned that if when I am negotiating I go to the next level, I may be able to accomplish more.  From now on, when I have a disagreement with someone, I will try to look not at their “issues” level, but at their “needs and interests” or principals level.  I think this will allow me to establish much more common ground with the person I disagree with, …