alaska cruise excursions

[From around 2006]

Cost PP Code City Date Time Duration End Description
89 JNU-002 Juneau (2pm-10pm) 4-Jul 2:30pm 5.5 8pm Deluxe Mendenhall Glacier and City Tour
129 KTN-031 Ketchikan 7-Jul 9:30am 3.25 12:45pm Rainforest Ropes and Zip Challenge Course
106 SGY-001 Skagway (8am-8pm) 5-Jul 8:10am 3.5 12pm White Pass Scenic Railway
104 Skagway (8am-8pm) 5-Jul 2pm 2.75 5pm Musher's Camp Sled Dog Experience (, 907-983-4444)
85 VIC-003 Victoria 8-Jul 6:30pm 2 8:30pm Butchart Gardens and City Tour

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