personal statements for mba program

[personal statements I wrote for admission to joint JD/MBA degree program around 1998]

Essay Question A:  Evaluate yourself, discussing those characteristics which you feel are your strengths, including your most significant accomplishment and those characteristics you would like to develop more fully.
Among my strongest attributes for a successful career are my abilities to think critically and to pursue both short‑ and long‑term goals.  When I have been presented with personal, academic, or work‑related challenges, I have viewed them as opportunities to achieve my goals.  I have been able to organize and integrate a life plan with perseverance to successfully complete the goals I set out to accomplish.
              I first recognized I was adept at critical thinking when I excelled on my high school's debate team.  As an undergraduate, my studies in political science and my involvement in local politics gave me opportunities to apply my critical thinking skills to real-life problems.  I realize that my critical thinking skills are an asset as I pursue my business and legal objectives.  I have been successful in evaluating situations and solving problems, and I have excelled in my legal education at Santa Clara University.  I plan to continue my achievements in the MBA program.
              My most significant accomplishment is my education.  From an early age I anticipated that I would attend graduate school.  I graduated from San Jose State University cum laude in three years.  My present objective is to further my education by receiving a quality business and legal education at Santa Clara University.  This will allow me to succeed in the highly competitive Silicon Valley economy.
              I have two personality traits that I desire to develop further.  First, because I am tenacious and goal-oriented, I have high standards of performance for myself and others.  Therefore, I usually work independently or with other individuals who are also high achievers.  However, I recognize that success often depends in large part on teamwork, and I want to develop stronger communication and delegation abilities. These skills are fundamental to career success. Refining my communication skills will enable me to teach others what I know, give clear and unambiguous direction and comment, and enhance my confidence in delegating authority to others.
              Second, continuing my education and expanding my life experiences are priorities of my personal and professional development.  A quality education with practical experience will be of primary importance for success in a highly competitive economy.  The joint JD/MBA degree program at Santa Clara University offers a strong academic background with practical experience through internships in both business and law schools.   I am currently enrolled in the internship program in the school of law in Hong Kong this summer as one step toward expanding my experience base.
              I specifically chose Santa Clara University over other schools because it has a strong educational reputation and significant opportunities to further my practical work experience.  With these objectives in mind, I am seeking admission to the school of business.

Essay Question B:  Discuss those career objectives you expect to achieve five years from graduation and how an MBA degree, particularly one from Santa Clara University, will help prepare you for those objectives.
Upon graduating from the Santa Clara University JD/MBA program, my goal is to work in the Santa Clara Valley as an attorney in the field of international business and high technology.  I expect to acquire a well‑developed knowledge and experience base in business through my studies at the Santa Clara University School of Business.  Understand the needs of my clients from a business point of view is essential in the high technology world of today.  My ability to  represent both my clients' business and legal interests will be increasingly important in the twenty‑first century in Silicon Valley.
The MBA degree from Santa Clara University is particularly important to my career goals for several reasons.  First, Santa Clara University's MBA program offers courses in international business that will complement my concentration of studies in international and high technology law in the JD program.
              Second, Santa Clara University's MBA program will afford me an opportunity to expand my education at a school with an excellent reputation as well as in the location where I intend to pursue my career. The partnership between Santa Clara University and high technology corporations in this area will provide specific learning opportunities that will benefit my career goals.
              Third, the joint degree program Santa Clara University offers will allow me to receive the MBA and JD degrees in an efficient manner.  Education at the graduate level is necessary in the competitive modern world, but such an education is increasingly expensive.  Pursuing both a business and legal education through this joint degree program will allow me to further my education in a timely and cost-effective manner.
              I realize the value of education, and specifically the kind of quality education Santa Clara University's MBA program offers.  The opportunity to further my education in international business at this time is especially important to me to advance my career goals.  For these reasons, I am applying for and requesting admission to Santa Clara University's MBA program.

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