happy day

(this was the bar pass results page I saw in November 2000, the happiest day of my life)

Travis Aaron Wise appears on the list of persons who successfully took the July 2000 administration of the California Bar Examination.

Your Registration number is.. XXXXXXXXXX .
Your Application number is....... 00121 .

Official written notification and instructions for taking the Attorney's Oath and becoming a member of the State Bar of California were mailed Nov 17, 2000. Although a name may appear on this list, it does not necessarily mean that the person is now eligible for admission to practice law. Only those who have satisfied all requirements for admission to practice law in California have been certified to the California Supreme Court and are eligible to take the attorney's Oath. In addition to passing the bar examination, to be eligible for certification and to take the Attorney's Oath, applicants must have: 1) taken and achieved a scale score of 79 on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination; 2) received a determination that they are of good moral character; and 3) be in compliance with California court ordered child or family support obligations. Although many of those whose names appear on the pass list have met all the admission requirements, not all have done so and therefore are not presently eligible for admission to practice. As they satisfy the admission requirements, they will be certified to the California Supreme Court for admission and will become eligible to take the Attorney's Oath. Those whose names appear on this list should wait for the official written notification of their eligibility before taking the Attorney's Oath or practicing law.

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