diary archives (part 1)

[These diary entries were hand written by me in the late 1980's and early 1990's when I was a kid]

Today we started our research project and we had a home base sub
like yesterday.  I called 800 #'s and studied states and capitols.
Mrs. Gilardi gave us sheets for our parents to sign which had the guidelines
for our person.  My writer fits all the guidelines.  We took our
spelling test today. We also took some math PPO's, I got 2 100's.  I met
a 13 year old boy (KB8FOT!) on the repeater (Dayton's 4.02) yesterday.  He
was licensed October 11, I was licensed October 21.  I am still planning on
putting those hole savers on the first page, maybe second also.  Next
class is chorus.  I hope I don't have to try out.  I'm going to Dads this
weekend, I'm taking my HT.  Well, so long.
Howdy campers!  I'm at dads.   Steve and Dave are heading up to Waseon with
their dad to their grandparents funeral.  We used our HT's when we went up
to the Golden Corral in Troy.  We talked to Gary, KB8FOT.  My battery ran
dead because I haven't been charging it long enough.  Tomorrow I am going
to talk with KB8FOT some more.

January 6, 1992
Stress level down. Make cheat sheet for bio test.  Not bad with
friends today.  Not as much work as previously expected. Mrs.
Goytia didn't understand poem about Ryan White and AIDS, to
embarassed to explain it.  Accept low grade for her ignorance.
Passed out xmas letters at school in attempt to get higher up in
peoples books.  Yearbook editor, friends, teachers.  Works for
me!  Discovered/rediscovered computer command to have me paged
when computer resets "COPY FILENAME COM2". Works well.  Put
modem commands in FILENAME.  Continued reading "The Coocoo's
Egg" at fast pace. 

Today we had a sub again.  We are going out to eat at the Moose.  I called
800 numbers.

Steve and Dave are going to their grandpa's funeral tomorrow at 3.  Barb is
taking them up.  We got some radio connection equipment for our Studio 4's.
Steve has a better one than me.  he has a lot of things I don't have but
I have a lot he doesn't.  Steve got "sick" when he didn't want to go to the
funeral.  There is a tornado watch out so we are listening on our HT's.
I wish I had some of the equipment dad had for his HT.  We went up to the
cottage with my HT and used the 382 machine to talk with Steve.  Oh yes,
we saw My Stepmother Is An Alian.  Good movie.

Today Mrs. Bell was back.  mom and Fred leave tomorrow on a ship.  Ms. Judd
will come at 6:30AM.  I got to go to dad's tomorrow.

January 9, 1992
Had a file problem, so a few days got erased.  That's fixed now.
Going to Mayors Community converence tomorrow all day.  Glad
I'll miss school, but this won't be like the SAC meetings...the
mayor will be there, but won't be listening.  Brian coming over
this weekend.  I'm sure he's looking forward to that more than I
am.  We'll just have to see how that goes.  More later...

Today I plaied with Chuck and Eric.  I did some things in my bank.  We didn't
have school today :->.  It didn't snow.

We came back from South Carolina at our Villa, couldn't use my HT beacause it
would mess up the Lincoln.  We spent the whole day in the car.

Well, I found the music in my trashcan for Mrs Christman.  Relief!  I'm
a little bit ticked at Mrs. Gilardi.  She isn't being consistant with our book
we are writing.  She comes into class rude and talks to only a few, not me,
of us nicely.  Right now we are taling about our book.  I think my person
is okay.  I'm still thinking about Dick Sine, I wish I could but I don't think
I can.  My person lives in Troy or Tipp City.  I might be able to do Ralf Stolie.
I probably won't be able to contact him though.

Today I went to school.  We had a dumb sub!  We don't have to wear shorts
to gym anymore.

Well, I'm in Math class, third period.  I'm trying to be nice to
everyone today.  I'm going to try to remember to put those
rings around the first page of this log's holes to make sure they don't tear.
I'm a little worried because Mrs. Christman needs some music I threw
out yesterday.  The garbage man came today so I hope mom or I didn't put out
my wastebasket.  More on that tomorrow.  I went to the Piqua
Amateur radio Club last night.  I liked it better than the one in Troy because
they do more educational things.  Now I'm in English 7th period.  We are
talking about our person we are going to do interview for our books.  I don't
want to go to trumpet lesson tonight but mom makes me.  Osme other people
like Synthia Stunk have taken Connie White.  I'm a little jealous because
I'm into commuications and Sinthia isn't.  Well, see ya tomorrow!

I and Steve made cookies.  We talked about a lot of things.  Dad
felt sick.  Scott got married and tomorrow is school.  I came home also.

Today was the first day of school in 1989.  We had two english PPO tests
for the state.  I read in a Read magazine  Mrs. Gilardi gave us about freezing
bodies for later retrieval.  I don't like the idea because it would cost
a lot of money.  I don't want to go to chorus because of tryouts even though
it is not my turn yet.  I don't want to go to gym of course, I never want to.
It is snowing.  It has been all day.  I hope we have a delay tomorrow.  My
mom read my log last night, I'm upset about that.  She did the same with
my diary, that's why I stopped writing in it.

Today I went to the mall at Dayton with Dad and the others.  I
played the computer and watched TV.

Today I went to dad's at 9AM.  I played with Steve and Dave.  I am having
fun and cleaning my bedroom and other things.

Today I learned that not everything is what it seems.  Sometimes in need,
friends turn out to be worthless, sometimes they turn out to be very
valuable.  I also learned that sharing ones culture brings a relationship
closer together.  Most of the time, in a relationship, the other person
feels just how you do.

We did not have school today due to the holidays.  I used my
HT a lot with repeaters.  Steve has the same one.  I am confused about
whether to log contacts on the HT.  I am worried about school.  We have chorus
tryouts, computer assignment having to do with flight.  I worked on
spelling words, algebra, and SAT tests.  I have to get my Ohio History
grades up.  I have found my worries work themselves out, they arn't as bad
as I thought.  We have an English assignment but I don't know much about it.
My interviewee is going to be away in February for a while.  Well, so long.

I called our speaker, Rodney S., and he is planning on speaking...whew!
I worked on my articles, and continued to accomplish a lot.  Rick called,
said Matt hadn't called him about the meeting yet.  I called Matt and as I
suspected, he doesn't want to go.  He said he has been busy for a few days
at friends houses installing car stereo's.  I guess I'll just retract from
him and work on yearbook a lot and just see what happens. 
I called Mark to see what he was up to, and he still wants to be
underclassmen editor, and I told him about training, etc.
I'm disapointed Matt won't be at the meeting, but it just re-inforces that
I shouldn't associate with him.


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