touring the googleplex

Googleplex Tour Notes

(walking counterclockwise starting at 1945)

1945:  Get visitor badges, rock climbing wall, restroom break

1965 parking lot: Conference room bike, car charging stations

1098:  Giant gum dispenser

B44: Android lawn furniture, lobby (jet powered motorcycle, robot, giant Nexus, arcade, phone display on 2nd floor), view of main campus solar panels

(cross to main campus)

B40: Partnerplex, Charlie’s, Slice, gym/pools, server rack next to Slice, courtyard, Stan the Dinosaur, garden
B42: Lobby ball machine, Ballpit on 2nd floor
B43: Lobby and everything inside (space ship, Google Earth, giant Nexus, white board wall, Server globe), Yoshka’s story, tent offices, Ming’s wall of fame, walk back to pool table MK

(cross to headquarters)

Bridge / pre-bridge

1950: HQ, slide, plantwall

1900: Store, photobooth (if working)

(cross to GWC)


GWC-1: Streetview car, cameras in cafe, froyo, YouTube signage (across the street)

CL3: Bowling alley
Self driving cars
Berlin Wall: Parking lot behind 2685 Marine Way, Mountain View, CA (wall sections are in the northwest corner of the parking lot, exact coordinates are 37.430071, -122.099296)

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