Tuesday, April 23, 2013

gtd for tasks

  Task Tools

Email - I'm in email constantly, so it makes sense for email to be my primary tool.
Calendar - For meetings and time-specific tasks

     Task Status Labels and bcc:Filters

Use a labeling system for task tracking in Gmail.  Set up filters to auto-sort into the task labels,

Now - username+now@gmail.com - Items that need immediate action - this is the primary task list
Later - username+later@gmail.com - Items that are being deferred to the future - Set up calendar reminder to check every Monday morning.
Wait - username+wait@gmail.com - Items that I am waiting for someone else to take action on.  Check daily
1-1 - username+1-1@gmail.com - Items for discussion in 1-1 with manager

Skip inbox, archive, set label.  Do not mark as read.  Show label only if unread, except for Next Action, which should always display.
Add aliases to contact list to auto-populate. Name the contact "+na Next Action" for example.
On mobile, make sure Next Actions label is syncing (phone; tablet syncs all labels).

     Task Implementation Checklist

Create labels
Create filters
Create address contacts for each address, put into a GTD contact group
Migrate existing task list into this system
Time-specific actions: Put on calendar, set reminder to send an email reminder

     Task Considerations

Consider day-specific labels (Mon, Tues, Weds, etc.) to assign tasks to specific days

Larger projects will each have their own tag label in addition to the above system.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

gtd for gmail

  • Aggressively use Priority Inbox, and train it for what email is important vs. not
  • Do not use folders - search instead
  • Processing gmail:
    • Delete/Archive - anything that has no place in your life now or in the future - not filing and sorting, just toss & search.
    • Delegate - probably requires a 'check & see' action for you
    • Respond - ninja move to reply with 5 or fewer sentences
    • Defer - thorny, but appropriate if you need more information to respond. Put in "To respond" folder - not leave in inbox. Try to empty that every day
    • Do - liberate activity from your inbox, if it can be done now, do it. Don't let stuff sit around and build up. Choose your verbs and honor those.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

fixing a mac's "scrolling while zooming" madness

I switched to a MacBook Air earlier this week. The transition was smooth, except for one thing. In Chrome, I shift between tabs a lot, using "control-tab".  I also scroll a lot using either the trackpad, or a wheel on my trackball.  Unfortunately on a Mac, holding down "control" while scrolling on a trackball or trackpad activates "zoom while scrolling".

All of this resulted in a maddening effect of constantly zooming in and out of webpages unintentionally.  And I could not figure out how to turn it off.  Until this:

I had to disable the "inertia" scrolling under Accessibility settings.  Now, when I stop scrolling and press "control-tab", the I don't get unintentional zooming.

Posting this for future reference.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

microsoft office alternatives

tl;dr: LibreOffice is a useful, free alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac, Windows, and Linux. http://www.libreoffice.org/

Two weeks ago, I had to turn in my Chromebook and go back to using a MacBook Air. It was a sad day, but there may have been a silver lining: I was determined to avoid using Microsoft Office. Of course I use Google Docs for 90% of my work, but there are some edge cases that aren't compatible with Docs (thousands of Excel formulas; redlining of changes in Word). So, I installed LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office.  LibreOffice is an open-source, free software suite. It has docs, a spreadsheet function, presentations, database, etc. All compatible with the corresponding Microsoft products. I have a pretty complex spreadsheet that I could open and edit without a problem in LibreOffice (including pivot tables and thousands of vlookups). It is also backwards compatible, so I can save into Office formats for sharing with others. So, if you're looking for a free, Office alternative and you need something a bit more powerful than Docs - check out LibreOffice.

(link to G+ thread)

Monday, April 15, 2013

how i got through law school

WhenPlannedTakenSemester GPAOverall GPARankP'ctile
Fall 9716162.702.70
Spring 9814142.932.93
Summer 98774.333.10
Fall 9816163.583.25
Spring 9915152.933.18
Summer 99442.753.15
Fall 9913133.633.2238%
Spring 00883.793.2731%?

First Year Curriculum
5101 - Legal Research and Writing (McLellan)11.013.67330
5102 - Contracts (Neustadter)16.022.67660
5103 - Torts (E. Wright)18.003.00660
5104 - Property (Carbone)19.983.33660
5106 - Criminal Law (Uelman)9.003.00330
5114 - Pleading and Civil Procedure (Jiminez)13.982.33660
Advanced Curriculum
5200 - Con Law I (Armstrong)11.013.67330
5201 - Con Law II (Russell)8.012.67330
5248 - Business Organizations (Baum)8.012.67330
5302 - Legal Profession (Scheflin)6.992.33330
5320 - Evidence (Peterson)13.323.33440
Bar Preparation
5281 - Wills and Trusts (Goda)12.004.00330
5290 - Community Property (Sutton)7.343.67220
5310 - Criminal Proceedure (Ridolfi)8.012.67330
5324 - Remedies (Travis)11.013.67330
5256 - Commercial Transactions I (Neustadter)12.004.33330
0000 - Hong Kong17.324.33440
5270 - Federal Personal Income Taxation (Green)9.993.33330
5215 - International Law (Toman)12.994.33330
5627 - Basic Internet Law2.672.67110
5637 - E-Commerce4.662.33220
5639 - Intro to IP3.673.67110
5207 - Administrative Law (Dickey)9.993.33330
5231 - Consumer Protection (E. Wright)12.994.33330
5238 - Employment Discrimination (Berwald)9.993.33330
5426 - Seminar in Constitutional Law (Russell)8.004.00220
5227 - Tax Issues of High Technology Companies (Nellen)9.993.33330
Hong Kong InternshipPass330
5327 - Negotiation (Adair)Pass220