it was great while it lasted

Six months ago, I uninstalled Microsoft products from my MacBook Pro, and then turned in my MacBook Pro in exchange for a Chromebook. I had completely Gone Google, and I was among the first people in Google's Finance team to do so. The Chromebook had many advantages - it was physically light, never lost data, constantly updated, and the battery lasted a very long time.

The transition from Mac to Chromebook was actually easy, as I was already living in the cloud. But I still needed the ability to access Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. I was able to do this using a Citrix receiver, and Google Cloud Connect. Unfortunately Google has deprecated Google Cloud Connect, and there is presently no work-around to be able to open, edit, and save files from Google Drive (or the Chomebook's storage) in Microsoft Word and Excel through the Citrix gateway.

So, I put an order in for a 13" MacBook Air. I'll still live entirely in the cloud. Perhaps eventually I'll be able to switch back to a Chromebook.

Mac apps I use:

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