microsoft office alternatives

tl;dr: LibreOffice is a useful, free alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Two weeks ago, I had to turn in my Chromebook and go back to using a MacBook Air. It was a sad day, but there may have been a silver lining: I was determined to avoid using Microsoft Office. Of course I use Google Docs for 90% of my work, but there are some edge cases that aren't compatible with Docs (thousands of Excel formulas; redlining of changes in Word). So, I installed LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office.  LibreOffice is an open-source, free software suite. It has docs, a spreadsheet function, presentations, database, etc. All compatible with the corresponding Microsoft products. I have a pretty complex spreadsheet that I could open and edit without a problem in LibreOffice (including pivot tables and thousands of vlookups). It is also backwards compatible, so I can save into Office formats for sharing with others. So, if you're looking for a free, Office alternative and you need something a bit more powerful than Docs - check out LibreOffice.

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