new dog checklist

Water Bowl w/rubber bottom
Food Bowl w/rubber bottom
Placemat for water and food bowl
Food scoop
Shelter for outside Igloo  (check petsmart website)
ID tag
Dog bed for inside
Dog toys and chews
Dog crate for inside bed fits inside (check petsmart website)
Second crate for car (check petsmart website)
Pee cleaner for indoors (stain and odor remover)
Scoop for outdoors
Trash can for poop
Nail clippers
Treats / Rewards
Dog brush
Dog shampoo
Dog conditioner
Pee Pads
Pee Pad Tray
Gate (baby gate) for top of stairs / doorways  (check petsmart website)
Towels for baths and cleanup
Exercise pen / baby gates for work  (check petsmart website)
Exercise pen / baby gates for home put bed, food, water, litter box inside  (check petsmart website)
Dental hygiene?  Dental chews.
Dog food
Nylar bones
Bathtub mat
Portable water bowl
Portable food bowl
Mobile food bin (to keep food in car)
Mat for back seat of car
Carrier for portable transport
Dog clippers (for haircut)
Dog hair scissors
Retractable leash
Poop bags
Poop bag holder
Treat container
Cotton balls
Water bottle
Cut off rear toes
Hair catch in tub
Hose in tub
Clicker - click with rewards
Towel in the crate
Need water in the crate - hamster dispenser?
Bed for home - raised PVC, like at the Humane Society

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