soft skills trainings

Attending an all-day soft skills training about managing one's energy.  My stream of consciousness thoughts:
  • "Bridging the knowing-doing gap" sounds important. Maybe I should implement that.
  • I really dislike shaking hands. Too many people don't wash their hands in the restroom. I don't want to touch them.
  • Sitting all day in a training, after working at a standing desk, feels so unhealthy.
  • The premise is faulty.  Why are our lives so stressful?  Instead of trying to increase capacity to deal with stress, how about decreasing the stress?  GTD, minimalism, elimination.  
  • Why is our life either a marathon or a sprint? Why not aim for a hike in the forest?
  • If I was a woman, I would not wear make-up.
  • Group soft skills trainings are great opportunities to calibrate bullshit detectors.

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