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Boinc just released an Android App that lets you use your Android device's downtime for science.

the "problem" of mega-busses in san francisco

In response to this article about the impact of "mega busses" in San Francisco, I wrote this:

That "article" calls the "tech elite" arrogant.  I think there's plenty of arrogance to go around, including with the Mission Street hipsters who are so quick to point fingers at big busses as the problem.

1. Public transit:  If the bay area had functioning public transit, the private busses wouldn't be necessary. But it's impossible to take reliable, efficient public transit anywhere in the bay area. That disfunction is unique to the bay area - most metropolitan areas our size have functional public transit systems. This is a direct result of poor urban planning that created non-dense, spread-out campuses far away from public transit hubs (i.e., Mountain View, Palo Alto); and a network of incomplete and unconnected transit system (BART, Caltrain, VTA, MUNI). Yes, the private busses are air conditioned and have WiFi.  Why doesn't public transit?