setting up and configuring my pebble

A few months ago I ordered a Pebble. Due to supply chain or manufacturing issues, they're taking a long time to make, so I just received it a few days ago (I think they're now available at BestBuy).

Installation and syncing to my phone was incredibly easy, but the settings were a bit more complex. Basically, I only want my watch to notify me when I'm out and about. I don't need to be notified when I'm at home or at work. And that took some effort.

 On the watch, I made the following changes in Settings > Display:
  • Backlight > Auto / Ambient light controlled
  • Motion Backlight > Disabled
  • Notifications On
  • Font Size > Small
  • Vibration > Enabled (turn this off if you find the vibrations annoying)
On the phone's Pebble app, in the main settings, I allowed it to "Install Untrusted Apps" and "Always Skip Onboarding" (the intro screens).  In the Notifications menu, kept "Always Send Notifications" on; I allowed it to "Send 3rd Party Notifications" and to notify me for "Incoming Calls" only - everything else is unchecked (off).

Then I installed Pebble Notifier (something the main Pebble app should just incorporate).  In Pebble Notifier, I chose the "Exclude selected apps" mode, and then I checkmarked the apps that I didn't want to be notified by (Google Play Store, Google Search, and just a few other apps - if you get notified by apps that you don't care about, check those in here as well).  In Settings, I chose "Notifications only" and "Fetch detailed notifications".  I unchecked "Notify when screen is on".  I also enabled "Quiet time" and set it to not notify me before 6am or after 11pm.

For both Pebble and Pebble Notifier, in Accessibility settings (main Android settings screen), you have to enable both of them, as that's how Android passes notifications to the apps.

For Pebble to work, you have to keep Bluetooth turned on.  Turning Bluetooth off is an effective way to stop the watch from notifying. I ended up installing Locale, which I find to be a useful app for many other reasons, to turn bluetooth off when I'm (1) at home and at work AND (2) plugged in, so that I am not notified in those locations when my phone is charging (when I'm presumably at my phone or computer anyhow).

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