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The Decision

For about a year, I had been thinking about getting a new car.  The car I had been driving, a 2007 Subaru Outback LL Bean edition, got poor gas mileage (22 MPG on average, with a v6 engine), and had 120k miles on it. It was time for something newer, and more fuel efficient.

I can plug-in and recharge at work for free, so something of the plug-in variety made a lot of sense.  I also wanted an ICE (gas engine) on board for longer road-trips (which eliminated the Leaf from comparison).  That criteria narrowed my choices down to: Plug-in Prius, BMW 3i, Chevy Volt, or a Tesla. The Tesla is too much money to spend on a car that depreciates; the BMW 3i felt cheap on the inside when I did a test drive.
A plug-in Prius doesn't have quite enough battery range (~11 miles) for what I'd like (my daily commute is 18 miles each way), so a Chevy Volt was ideal.

Initial Impression

I did several test drives in a Volt, and I was very impressed with the handling, steering, quick and …