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top ten list (never finished)

Travis' Top Ten List (under perpetual construction) 10. PRIVACY I consider the following information about me to be "private information": Social Security Number Race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, place of birth, citizenship/nationality and religion Income Family history Health Companies have no business inquiring about, knowing, nor sharing my private information.  I will not do business with a company that requires my disclosure of private information in order to establish and/or maintain a business relationship, unless such disclosure is fundamental to the business relationship. The government should be prohibited from disclosing private information to companies. 9.  RESPECT OF THE INDIVIDUAL We all have problems and struggles in our lives. Mine are different from yours, but that doesn't mean they are less valid.  Former criminals, drug users and alcoholics should not be congratulated nor rewarded for their reformations, unless people who have never been criminals, drug users …

google buzz archives


Travis Wise - Buzz - Public For anyone who is still following me here on Buzz (I hear crickets), my Google+ account is linked below, please add me there. Thanks :)
Travis Wise - Google+
Gene Lee - I was gonna say, is buzz killed? Jul 7, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Annnnddddddd its live....
Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google+ project: Real-life <b>...</b>
Brad Rosen - And tell me travis, who does a boy have to cut to get an invite ;-) Jun 28, 2011
Travis Wise - Brad, I've added you to a list that should eventually get you an invite once there's a bit more capacity. It may be a little while though. Jun 28, 2011
Brad Rosen - I'd propose if you weren't already spoken for. :-) (i that it's legal in new york....what am i supposed to do with it?) Jun 28, 2011
Travis Wise - Its just the first day of field trials, so no external invite process yet. It'll come :) Jun 28, 2011
Larry Leung - Do you still have invites?…