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top ten list (never finished)

Travis' Top Ten List
(under perpetual construction)
  1. I consider the following information about me to be "private information":
    1. Social Security Number
    2. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, place of birth, citizenship/nationality and religion
    3. Income
    4. Family history
    5. Health
  1. Companies have no business inquiring about, knowing, nor sharing my private information.  I will not do business with a company that requires my disclosure of private information in order to establish and/or maintain a business relationship, unless such disclosure is fundamental to the business relationship.
  2. The government should be prohibited from disclosing private information to companies.
  1. We all have problems and struggles in our lives.
    1. Mine are different from yours, but that doesn't mean they are less valid. 
    2. Former criminals, drug users and alcoholics should not be congratulated nor rewarded for their reformations, unless people who have never been criminals, drug users or alcoholics are similarly congratulated and rewarded for their abstinence.
  1. My measurement of success is likely not the same as yours.
  2. What goes around, comes around.
  3. You are not the only person in the world.   This applies when you are driving, walking down the sidewalk or walkway, exchanging ideas, and meeting new people.
  4. A Lesson in Logic:  Just because a lot of [ stereotype ] are [ minority ] doesn't mean that a lot of [ minorities ] are [ stereotype ].
    • EXAMPLE:  Just because a lot of criminals are black doesn't mean that a lot of blacks are criminals.
    • EXAMPLE:  Just because a lot of engineers are Asian doesn't mean that a lot of Asians are engineers.
    • EXAMPLE:  Just because a lot of bigots are white doesn't mean that a lot of whites are bigots.
    1. Racial profiling should be prohibited as a means of law enforcement.
  1. The United States repeatedly assumes an obligation to interfere with the governance and disputes of less powerful sovereign nations, claiming various self-serving justifications.  The U.S. government lies to its own citizens by using propaganda to rally Americans into supporting these "conflicts".  If the roles were reversed, I suspect we would not be long tolerating Japanese troops on our streetcorners, Iraq controlling our economy, and China boycotting our products because our Constitution violates human rights due to its foundations in slavery of an entire race of people.  When the South refused to integrate, and the National Guard was sent to force integration, Russia didn't send aircraft carriers to drop bombs on our country ... nor would we have tolerated such actions, which we are now doing to Serbia and Kosovo.    What if bombs were dropped on America every time a different political party came into control of our government, as we did to Vietnam and Korea? 
  2. Not every economy is the same as ours.  Before condemning businesses for setting up shop in foreign countries and paying their employees wages which are less than that to which we are accustomed, inquire about the economy and standard of living of the foreign country, to determine if the company's presence presents an opportunity or detriment for the employees.  We should not assume that a foreign government is incapable of establishing the same regulation and control of minimum wage and working conditions that our own government has bestowed upon us.
  1. You should be able to do whatever you want without interference by society or individuals, so long as:
    1. You don't infringe upon others' right to do the same; and
      1. Individuals have a responsibility to defend against the infringements of their rights, and when asked, to assist others in similar defenses.
      2. The primary purpose of the government should be to ensure that the rights of its citizens are not infringed upon by neither internal nor external threats.  The government should also, when able and willing, assist others in similar defenses upon request.
      3. The initiation of the use of force, whether by a person or a government, against another person or another government, is impermissible.
    1. You are willing to take complete and total personal responsibility for your actions.
      1. I should not be required to financially support someone who has made conscious choices to lead a lifestyle that requires my support.  Others should not be required to financially support me as a result of my lifestyle choices, and I am working hard to make sure that I will always be self-sufficient.
      2. Violence is not caused by the free access to information.  Watching violent movies or knowing how to make a pipe bomb does not cause violence.  Censorship will not decrease violence - quite the contrary, history shows us that prohibition and censorship has only increased crime.  Parents and teachers must do their jobs in order to reduce violence.
7. Veni, vidi, vici.
                 -- Julius Caesar
  1. Religious organizations and elected public officials present a plethoric abyss of ignorance and hypocrisy.
    1. Your interpretation of a religious dogma or ideology, such as the Bible, is purely subjective, and completely meaningless to me.  Do not presume to tell me that your interpretation is more valid than mine, or that my life should, in any way, be restricted by your interpretation.
    2. Elected officials who are exposed as hypocrites should be banished from public office.
  1. I do not need talking heads to tell me how to think.   How did people ever manage to survive before we had TV and radio commentators to tell us how we should interpret modern events and today's news?  Give me the facts, and I will draw my own conclusions.
  2. Just because someone says it's so, doesn't automatically make it so.  Dare to question what religious zealots, politicians, authority figures and commentators tell us to believe.  There doesn't have to be just one way to do something, and just because it's always been done a certain way doesn't mean it should continue that way, or that the status quo is the best way of doing something.
    1. Dr. Laura is a hypocrite and a bigot.
  1. See 9(f) and 9(g).

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Travis Wise - Buzz - Public For anyone who is still following me here on Buzz (I hear crickets), my Google+ account is linked below, please add me there. Thanks :)
Travis Wise - Google+
Gene Lee - I was gonna say, is buzz killed? Jul 7, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Annnnddddddd its live....
Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google+ project: Real-life <b>...</b>
Brad Rosen - And tell me travis, who does a boy have to cut to get an invite ;-) Jun 28, 2011
Travis Wise - Brad, I've added you to a list that should eventually get you an invite once there's a bit more capacity. It may be a little while though. Jun 28, 2011
Brad Rosen - I'd propose if you weren't already spoken for. :-) (i that it's legal in new york....what am i supposed to do with it?) Jun 28, 2011
Travis Wise - Its just the first day of field trials, so no external invite process yet. It'll come :) Jun 28, 2011
Larry Leung - Do you still have invites? Jul 4, 2011
Travis Wise - Larry, have you not yet gotten an invite? If not please email me. Jul 7, 2011
Larry Leung - Hi there. I haven't gotten the invite yet I think.
Sent from my iPhone Jul 7, 2011
Craig Chu - You sent my boyfriend an invite but not me... :( Jul 7, 2011
Travis Wise - Craig, I'm sorry about that, I had you categorized as a "work contact" and I didn't send invites to work contacts... I'll remedy that. Jul 7, 2011
Craig Chu - Ha. Awesome how that worked out. ;) Jul 7, 2011
Travis Wise - You and Larry should both get invites soon. Jul 7, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public A billion is a thousand million's.
Huy Nguyen - LOL Jun 22, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Freak. Apparently Iowa public schools don't have quite enough oversight.
Iowa principal quits amid birthday spanking uproar
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Jun 28, 2011
Jun 22, 2011
Jun 18, 2011
Jun 14, 2011
Jun 11, 2011
Jul 7, 2011

Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Seriously? How long is this idiot going to be involved in our politics?
Sarah Palin: Paul Revere Warned The British Sarah Palin: Paul Revere Warned The British
Jason Hsu - She's trolling hard, and it's working. Jun 5, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Everything you need to know about the tea party from my perspective...
Libertarian Vs. Tea Party Libertarian Vs. Tea Party
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Watching Weiner on CNN. He's obviously covering something up. So to speak. Just resign, please.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Congressman Weiner: Please hire new PR advisors. Your stories make you sound guilty.
NY rep says he didn&#39;t send Twitter photo
Hào Lê - The comments are priceless: mid=374629&rid=125871720 Jun 1, 2011
Travis Wise - That is hilarious. His quotes are ridiculous. Jun 1, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings.
Peter Escamilla Mahecha - Hehehe, that's true... not to mention that science leads us to innovate and religion makes us repeat and hope for good :S (by not doing anything) May 30, 2011
Jean-Baptiste Queru - When theory and reality don't match, science dismisses theory and religion dismisses reality.
May 30, 2011
Florian Rohrweck - Jean-Baptiste Queru +1 to that May 30, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public ...
Picasa Web Albums - Travis Wise
Lena Cardell - Keep wanting to try this, but I seem to always need a projector :( May 26, 2011
May 30, 2011
May 26, 2011
Jun 11, 2011
Jun 9, 2011
Jun 8, 2011
Jun 4, 2011
Jun 4, 2011
Jun 1, 2011
Jun 1, 2011

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Pics (and a few videos) from Glee Live in San Jose.
2011 - 5 - Glee Live (11)
Gene Lee - Cool. How was the concert? We're going tomorrow to see them in Anaheim. :) May 26, 2011
Hào Lê - Which cast members were there? May 26, 2011
Travis Wise - All of the "students". None of the "teachers." May 26, 2011
Hào Lê - What about the Warblers? May 26, 2011
Travis Wise - The Warblers are a part. I'm not sure if all of them were there or just some - I didn't count... but some of them are definitely involved. They don't have nearly the on-stage role that the main cast has though. May 26, 2011
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Someday maybe the government will realize that the War on Drugs and Nancy Regan's silly "Just Say No" campaign has resulted in fiscal disaster.
Open up the doors and let all the non-violent people convicted of drug possession/use and prostitution laws go on parole. Enough already.
California Prison Overcrowding: How’s That ‘War on Drugs’ Working Out? - International Business Times
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Jason Hsu Sorry we didn't rapture you card - Blame It On The Voices
May 26, 2011
May 25, 2011
May 24, 2011
May 23, 2011

May Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
23, 2011 Harold Camping now says "Rapture actually coming in October." Would someone please arrest this fraud before he bilks more money from people? Obviously he's going to hell anyhow (he's a false prophet - pick your Biblical citation), but could we please throw him in jail to get him to shut up?
Jason ON - October? But I have plans! May 23, 2011
Cameron Brown - He needs to shut the fuck up without collecting his $200 as he passes Go on his way to jail without a 'Get Out' card. May 23, 2011
Craig Chu - wait how do I buy a house from one of his followers? I've got $5000 to offer. May 23, 2011
Jason Hsu - I dunno, as hysterically stupid this whole shenanigan has been, does P.T. Barnum's famous uttering apply here? I mean does this whole debacle shine some light on how problematic organized religion is? Costly lessons learned?
I have to say the 2011 rapture (I guess now 'May 2011 rapture') thing was probably a net positive for atheists. May 23, 2011
Cameron Brown - @Craig: I'll outbid you by $1 to begin the bidding games. May 23, 2011
Prince Wonder - He needs to go to jail for fraud. He's an evil man for deceiving his followers. May 23, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Having worked somewhere in the past where this was not the case, I definitely agree. Google trusts its employees, and that makes a big difference in corporate culture.
Reshared post from Life at Google googlejobs: RT @kvox: "They trust their employees" RT @EstherWojcicki: Workplace Culture at LinkedIn, Facebook and Google: 4 Lessons For You http:// ...
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Newt Gigrich declares "I am an outsider."
I can't think of someone who is more of an insider.
As George Will said yesterday, his candidacy is over. It lasted a week. But Newt hasn't realized it yet.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public A quote I found on Facebook regarding the Rapture:
"If it is acceptable for religious people to run around screaming "REPENT! REPENT! THE END IS NIGH!" - it is also acceptable for me to run around and scream that these people are morons. You shouldn't treat people's crazy batshit fucking beliefs as if they're sacred. Rationality and logic are much more important."
So sad that so many people gave this idiot millions of dollars... what a fraud.
Peter Escamilla Mahecha - I might say the thing there is that you would be attacking them by telling them morons, but they are doing nothing more than wasting their time and annoying you by saying the end is nigh, not that I'm defending them, indeed I totally agree with you, just trying to understand the law :) May 23, 2011
Travis Wise - They attacked me, my friends, family, and coworkers when they claimed that the (sole) cause of the supposed Rapture is "gay pride and gay marriage." (Reference: ) Therefore, I support anyone who calls them morons and their beliefs crazy. May 23, 2011
Peter Escamilla Mahecha - oh well, that's a good reason, :) May 23, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public It appears everyone is in agreement...
Fox News President Roger Ailes thinks Sarah Palin ‘is an idiot’ | The Raw Story
May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Photos from Yosemite.
2011 - 5 - Yosemite (36)
Travis Wise - I figured i survived it haha! Or... was left behind, more likely. May 22, 2011
Cameron Brown - Excellent photography, Travis! May 22, 2011
Travis Wise - - Public LAPD say they've arrested a suspect in the beating of Giants fan Brian Stow. Hang him.
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - - Public Irony: Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed same-sex marriage bills twice to protect sanctity of marriage. #HastaLaTrystaBaby
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public If you're one of these religious wackos who thinks the rapture is coming on Saturday, please let me know so I can loot your house on Sunday. kthxbai.
May 22, 2011
May 22, 2011
May 22, 2011
May 21, 2011
May 19, 2011

May Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
19, 2011 Fascinating ...
Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake - Technology Review
Tracy Crawford - I wonder if this information can be used to eventually predict earthquakes. It would take a lot of sifting of data though. May 19, 2011
Tracy Crawford - trench coat May 19, 2011
trench coat - This is also going to raise new questions about the HAARP conspiracy theories. This validates essential elements within them. May 19, 2011
Louis Gray - Closer to predictions? May 19, 2011
Peter Escamilla Mahecha - let's hope that actually allow us to predict the earthquakes, I haven't heard of it before May 23, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public The new electric car chargers (with one car hooked up).
Picasa Web Albums - Travis Wise
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir Distribution network. Or ... why there are long paths of nothing in a densely populated area.
Tracy Crawford - What made you look this up Travis? Hetch Hetchy is fundamentally unstable in an earthquake. One of those facts people around her don't know. The water system is probably going to give out. May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - I looked this up because Google just announced plans to lease the buildings along Ellis Street that are built over the Hetch Hetchy aqueduct in Mountain View (technically the buildings aren't, but the parking lot is). I was looking at it on the map and realized the aqueduct has nothing built over it along its entire stretch ... through Mountain View there is basically either parking lots, parks, or just unused land on top of it. Up the peninsula it looks like 101 is on top of it. And in SF, 101 and 280 are on top of it. Wikipedia mentions that all four aqueduct pipes cross a major earthquake fault line, which as you point out, could leave SF and much of the bay area without water in a major earthquake. I think if that happens I'll jump in my car and head to Yosemite or another watershed area with my water filter equipment. :p May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public The City of San Jose is $3 billion, with a "B", short on its pension obligations. The city is starting to propose cuts to the pension program (hello), but people are protesting.
Just to be clear: The city can't tax its way out of a $3B shortfall. It is impossible. Hundreds march at San Jose City Hall to protest budget cuts - San Jose Mercury News
Huy Nguyen - it's a bad time here indeed. atop of that, they're laying off about 106+ Police Officers as well. really sad since my buddy is one of them and there have been way too many homicides here lately. May 18, 2011
Brad Rosen - Travis where did you get 6b? It looks more like 3b for the total pension system, subdivided. Not that 3b is somehow more manageable, but on a yearly budget of 800m, 3b is a lot less absurd compared to 6. May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - Brad, not sure, I must have made that up haha! I'll correct my comment to $3B. Conclusion remains the same. ;)
(and I say this as a taxpayer and recipient of services in San Jose) May 18, 2011
Brad Rosen - Not all lawyers are bad at math. :-) <3 May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - I took the History of Math in college to fulfill my math requirement! May 18, 2011
Brad Rosen - +1. That's awesome. May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Dear Newt: Please don't blame the press for the fact that you're an idiot. They're just giving you air time. You're the only person responsible for being perceived as a hypocrite.
So lets see... Trump got out as fast as he got in ... Newt is in the process of flaming out ... Who is next?
Can Newt Gingrich Control Newt Gingrich? -
Cameron Brown - Does he make his exit before or after he pays off his Tiffany's bill for $1/2 Million Maybe Arny can float Newt some doubt there's been a considerable amount of hush-baby-don't-you-cry-$$$ floating around the S. mansion. May 18, 2011
May 19, 2011
May 18, 2011
May 18, 2011
May 18, 2011

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public You' betcha.
Best Legal Department 2011 Winner: Google
Cameron Brown - Excellent. May 18, 2011
Brad Rosen - Congrats! May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Personally, I'm looking forward to the Rapture on Saturday. I'll be left behind here on earth while Harold Camping and his bigoted friends all die. Talk about natural selection.
The end-of-the-world FAQ sheet : Hot Topics
Cameron Brown - Good thing I fertilized and mowed my lawn for Sat. -- no doubt the reason we've been rec'ing so much unusual/untimely rain to green up for the big event! May 18, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public This is one of the better, simplified explanations of the new Google bond offering.
THE GOOGLE CARRY TRADE: The Real Lesson Behind The Company&#39;s New Bond Offering
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public New campus...
Google leases new campus across Hwy. 101 in Mountain View - San Jose Mercury News
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Jason ON A $12 Way To Protect Your Privacy: Paparazzi Shades - The Not-So Private Parts
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Lawyer Friends: check out It's like Quora, but for lawyers and businesses.
LawPivot | Crowdsourced and Confidential Legal Advice for Businesses
May 17, 2011
May 17, 2011
May 17, 2011
May 17, 2011
May 11, 2011
May 11, 2011

May Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
7, 2011 21 mile bike ride around south San Jose. Discovered the Guadalupe Landfill, the Guadalupe Quarry (parts of which I assume are now the landfill), Leland High School, Almaden Lake, and the bike lane on Almaden Expressway.
panyang1993 phoenix - healthy life;P May 7, 2011
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public My settlement award from the Bar/Bri class action lawsuit: $208.37. A rather surprising amount of money given that I have no idea what the lawsuit was about. I think I paid about $2,500 for the class 10 years ago.
Travis Wise - Bob - haha, I remember those checks... I haven't seen those in a while. Then again, I haven't made a long distance call on my landline in year. May 7, 2011
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Its changed slightly since then ...
Reshared post from Joe LaPenna I liked a YouTube video - GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video
TGIF is Google&#39;s weekly all-staff meeting. This video was shot in December, 1999 and gives a feel for how the meetings ran for the first year or so.
GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video GOOGLE TGIF 1999 video
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Life at Google googlejobs: RT @googledocs: Google Docs is now on Android! Get the new app today:
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public I wonder what the birthers will focus on now. From what I've seen of them on TV, they lack the intellectual horsepower to discuss substantive issues.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Dear religious nuts: You're wrong. You and your imagination are just wrong. Please move out of the way so that those of us who can use our brains can run things.
Bill Nye Boo&#39;d In Texas For Saying The Moon Reflects The Sun - Think Atheist
Jason Hsu - Studies such as this are depressingly worrisome: dominate-society.html Apr 26, 2011
Craig Chu - I was about to share this, but it's more than two years old! Apr 27, 2011
Ryan IT Lab - Poor Bill Nye - don't bring up radiometric dating either! LOL Apr 27, 2011
Travis Wise - Google Check-ins - Public
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public "Levi Johnston to 'set record straight' in new memoir"
Anytime I read about anyone remotely connected to the Palins writing a "memoir" I have to laugh.
Cameron Brown - Levi needs to get a real job. I question anyone who would spend $ on his book rather than a couple gallons of gas. Apr 25, 2011
May 7, 2011
May 2, 2011
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 26, 2011
Apr 25, 2011
Apr 25, 2011

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public The bank next to my house got robbed this morning. I should have stayed home later!
San Jose: Robber fires gun in bank, flees with bag of cash - San Jose Mercury News
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Oh look, another hypocrite -republican-.
Anti-Legalization Lawmaker Busted for Pot Possession Max Read ― In February, Rhode Island State Rep. Robert Watson said that his state had its priorities right "if you are a Guatemalan gay man who likes to gamble and smokes marijuana." Big surprise: He just got busted for marijuana possession.
Watson, the Rhode Island House minority leader is, as far as well can tell, not Guatemalan, nor gay, nor a gambler. But he is, according to Connecticut police, a marijuana-smoker!
The East Greenwich Republican was driving in East Haven, Conn. when he was stopped at a police checkpoint. Officers say they smelled pot and booze; a search uncovered "a bag of suspected marijuana and a wooden pipe in Watson's pocket," though Watson did pass a breathalyzer test, coming in at 0.05 BAC―below the 0.08 threshold.
His excuse? His office issued a statement saying "he was in Connecticut to help a friend move and was driving home from dinner when he was stopped." If only he had been in Rhode Island, which is far more friendly to Guatemalans, to gays, to gamblers, and, yes, to pot-smokers.
Travis Wise - - Public Google Offers. Sign up!!subscribe
Jason ON - Nothing in Denver. :( Apr 21, 2011
Apr 25, 2011
Apr 25, 2011
Apr 21, 2011

Apr Travis Wise - Mobile - Public
18, 2011 Happy tax day!
James Salsman - Would it help you earn your social bonus if I discussed the OECD's multilateral tax haven treaty here? I sent a bunch of URLs and a level playing field question for you in email. Apr 18, 2011
Travis Wise - James, sure, feel free to discuss! I'll have to take a look at the links. Apr 18, 2011
James Salsman - Thanks! This is the main idea:,3746,enJ2649J34897J45337635J1J1J1J1,00.html but most people won't understand what it would actually do until they understand the concept of a tax haven and how they are used by most of the Fortune 500 (5000?) and then read and/or
This is the worst:
These are mostly confirming background information: (not including tax havens) <- glad to see Forbes finally getting it after pulling that stupid flat tax post card from his (Steve Forbes') suit pocket for decades
Here's another I forgot in my email: budget Apr 18, 2011
Travis Wise - Hi James, I read the links, thanks for compiling them. I haven't read the The Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters and New Protocol. But from the first link you provided, it says "Its objective is to enable each Party to the Convention to combat international tax evasion and better enforce its national tax laws." You mentioned "tax havens and how they are used by most of the Fortune 500"
I would strongly argue that the Fortune 500 aren't committing international tax evasion or circumventing any country's tax laws. I spent many years in the Big-4 working on these structures and all of that time was spent making sure (either as the consultants or the auditors) that the clients complied with the tax laws to the letter. So my question is, how does the Convention change anything that the Fortune 500 are doing, since they are already following the tax laws (as confirmed by their auditors and the tax audits conducted in the countries in which they operate)? In other words, what tax law(s) does the Convention propose to change that would impact the existing tax structures such that the companies with those structures would then pay more taxes?
I think there is a separate issue, and I think this goes more to the intent of the other links you have, about whether the tax laws of countries should be changed such that the (perfectly legal) tax structures that the Fortune 500 are using would be subject to more tax. Obama and various members of Congress proposed tax reform that would do that by enlarging the amount of net income that would be subject to Subpart F income. But so far that proposal hasn't gone anywhere. Apr 18, 2011
James Salsman - The multilateral tax haven treaty would allow harmonization into a level playing field not just between entities sorted by wealth, but also between nations. For background information, please see the three minutes following Hans Rosling: Asia's rise -- how and when --If and when the House does fail to raise the debt limit or pass a spending bill, the president could arrange tax rates such that any Senators failing to vote for the solution to the impasse would have to face swing voters who get upset when the federal potholes aren't filled.
When we do harmonize, do we want to end up at the median system everyone is using now, or the systems that the countries with the best educational and quality of life outcomes have been using, like Sweden's two bracket system with a 0% bottom bracket covering more than half the taxpayers? The cusp between Sweden's two brackets is 10% above the median wage.
As for evasion, there is such a thing as legal evasion of the law, because rights are supposed to be balanced according to ideals. What is and is not a loophole is a matter of opinion based on whether it benefits one or not. That is why conflict of interest regulations need to disclose violations and penalties. Apr 18, 2011
Travis Wise - It sounds like implementing a multilateral tax haven treaty that harmonizes taxes into a level playing field between countries means a wholesale re-write of the U.S. tax code to close these supposed "loopholes". That's fine, but seems highly unlikely to happen, given that Congress can't agree on more basic tax reform proposals. Apr 18, 2011


Travis Wise - Mobile - Public Using my gold card.
Aaron Gong - i have one too! Jul 19, 2010
Travis Wise - This was my first use. I was expecting them to erupt into song and dance. That didn't happen. Jul 19, 2010
Aaron Gong - haha... what? they didn't for you? j/k Jul 19, 2010
David Lai - what do you get a gold card for? Jul 19, 2010
Travis Wise - Its their loyalty rewards program. You basically have to go there something like 30 times in a year and they send you a fancy gold card that entitles you to some sort of benefits that I haven't quite mastered yet. :) Jul 19, 2010
David Lai - it looks really fancy! congrats Jul 19, 2010
Gene Lee - Free refills, free flavorings, a free drink after 15 drinks purchased. :) Jul 20, 2010
David Lai - wow, free refills sounds like the best perk for you addicts!!! =) Jul 20, 2010
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public Babysitting the housecleaners, cleaning a house for re-rental.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Just to be clear about my opinion: Sarah Palin is unintelligent, and a bigot. And those who follow and support her are as well.
Reshared post from Erica Baker "To claim that a mosque at Ground Zero "stabs hearts" is to acknowledge that you still equate all Islam with Al Qaeda ― and you don't even feel bad about it. It's yet another example of the self-righteous xenophobia that's become a hallmark of many of Palin's supporters ― indeed, that underlies very phrase "real America." Opposing a mosque at Ground Zero sends the message that American Muslims must tread carefully, lest they offend real Americans by reminding them too much of what some people with the same religion (and possibly skin color) once did. That's a recipe for a perpetually divided ― and perpetually unjust ― society, and it's way worse than screwing up a single word." Yup.
Palin Speaks Jibberish To Express Her Xenophobia [The Bard Of Wasilla] - Jezebel
Travis Wise - Obviously Sarah's never watched that classic TV show the West Wing. If she had, she would have learned:
Muslim Extremists : Islam :: KKK : Christianity Jul 19, 2010
Ryan IT Lab - DUDE! just watched that episode! Jul 19, 2010
Travis Wise - I actually think that episode was one of the most important TV shows that has aired. It aired about 10 days after 9/11, and I think the message it conveyed was critical at that time.
I'm also a big fan of this scene, which I think is also classic television: "West Wing" - Biblical Quotes Jul 19, 2010
Travis Wise - I also like how she compares herself to Shakespeare. She and the people who follow her are just morons.
Jul 19, 2010
Peter Jeziorek - It's like reality TV meet politics. Jul 19, 2010
Alvin Chea - I have yet to find anything better to portray our future than the movie Idiocracy. Jul 19, 2010
Ryan IT Lab - @Alvin Chea - it is already here Jul 19, 2010
Jul 19, 2010
Jul 19, 2010
Jul 19, 2010

Jul Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
19, 2010 First day back on P90X after a 2 week hiatus. Owwie.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public My domain, which I've had for around 12 years or so, received 47,069 spam messages in the past 30 days. A few months ago I moved the domain from my former hosting service provider ($6.95/month) to Google Apps (free).
Cameron Brown - oops!! Jul 18, 2010
Travis Wise - No, that's a good thing. That's 47,069 emails that would have been otherwise delivered to my inbox. Jul 18, 2010
Cameron Brown - good, then!! Way to go, Google! and free!! Jul 18, 2010
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public No little league games today, apparently the season is over.
Cleaning -> car wash (?) -> shopping for replacement cargo pants (Peru claimed my old pair) -> FroYo.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Minor repairs at the rental house before the new tenants move in. Last tenants left it in great condition.
Cameron Brown - How are so very fortunate!! Jul 17, 2010
Travis Wise - Google Maps for mobile - Public Huge backup on 17S from 280.
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public TGIF!
David Lai - TGIF!!!! (even tho it means something diff for you, still TGIF!!!! for me too!)!!!!!!! Jul 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Haha, I was referring to the common usage ;) Jul 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public "They say they both believe in abstinence, are not living together, and will not live together or have sex, until they are married."
Such Republican bullshit. The hypocrisy continues.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Riding the shuttle bus to work is so exciting sometimes! Today I'm sitting next to someone who has his bio on Wikipedia.
Peter Jeziorek - Well, quick! Write up your own wikipedia bio so you can be in the same league! Jul 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Funny you mention that Peter. About a year ago, someone (not me, but someone I know) did write a bio for me on Wikipedia. It was pretty good too! But after a few weeks their review process took it down... it turns out I'm not notable enough!! I didn't fight it. :) Jul 16, 2010
Peter Jeziorek - What!? They take it down? So much for free speech on Wikipedia! I'm appalled Travis. Jul 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public I had some Alpaca for dinner tonight. It was pretty good. Looked and tasted like pork chops.
Cameron Brown - I thought it was supposed to taste like "CHICKEN" (as frog legs, squirrel, rabbit, etc., etc.!!) Jul 5, 2010
Gene Lee - My friend Brian was just in Peru and enjoyed the "Chifa" = chinese food. Jul 6, 2010
Jul 18, 2010
Jul 18, 2010
Jul 17, 2010
Jul 17, 2010
Jul 16, 2010
Jul 14, 2010
Jul 14, 2010
Jul 5, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public I like concepts that involve minimalism...
Reshared post from billy nguyen Ahh maybe I don't hate this monday so much...
“I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.” – Leo Rosten
Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance. | Becoming Minimalist
David Mauas - I believe this so much. But I feel like it is not my time yet. I am not actually mature enough to completely fathom this. Jul 3, 2010
Travis Wellman - That was a point well made. But I have to contend with it a little. He's generalizing that people measure success by dollars, and happiness by spending them. I also don't think that the "significance" he expounds is the only route to deeply felt fulfillment. Living one's life too much for others is another kind of imbalance. Jul 6, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Voy a Peru - SFO -> LIM
David Lai - safe travels! Jul 2, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public 14 elderly ladies try to board the Google shuttle for River Rock Casino. Hilarity ensues.
Gene Lee - Asian Muni Lady x 14! :) Jun 30, 2010
Adam Studley - Omg, haha Jun 30, 2010
Travis Wise - It went something like this:
Old Ladies: "Is this the bus to River Rock Casino?" Driver: "No, this is the shuttle to Google in Mountain View." OL: "Is that a casino? Can we get on?" Driver: "No, it's not a casino. It's Google." OL: "Do you go to a casino after that?" OL in background: "Google? What is that? Is that a casino Mildred?" OL: "Hush, it's a Google something. So you don't go to a casino?" Driver: "No ma'am." OL: "They were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago."
..... It went on like this for a while. Jun 30, 2010
Gene Lee - What's today's episode? ^ ^, Jul 1, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Marching with the Androids tomorrow.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from danah boyd zephoria: There is nothing rapid about TSA's new Rapiscan full-body scanners. More security theater, less security.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Leo Laporte Google Docs Now Does OCR for Images & PDFs (Sort Of) - ReadWriteWeb
Jun 30, 2010
Jun 26, 2010
Jun 25, 2010
Jun 24, 2010
Jul 2, 2010
Jul 2, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Mashable - Tech Tourism: 10 Great Geek Destinations -
Tech Tourism: 10 Great Geek Destinations
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public A yacht trip? Really? REALLY? Could BP be any more clueless and inept?
Peter Jeziorek - Promoting wind power maybe? Jul 5, 2010
Cameron Brown - yeah...downwind! Jul 5, 2010
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public At Starbucks signing lease with new tenant.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Rainbow colored search box.
pride 2010 - Google Search
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Louis Gray Exploring the software behind Facebook, the world’s largest site - Royal Pingdom
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Coming soon to a t-shirt near you.
Reshared post from Erica Baker So cute
(color fixed version for Mark :P
Adam Studley - How could someone hypothetically obtain one of these shirts? Jun 17, 2010
cameron brown - so cool! Jun 17, 2010
Travis Wise - @Adam - they're working on getting them in the google store, at which point I can get you one :) Jun 17, 2010
Adam Studley - Sweet, I'd love one for SD pride. Jun 18, 2010
David Lai - are these available for purchase now? Jun 22, 2010
Travis Wise - No, probably not until after pride at the earliest. I'll be marching in mine on Sunday though! Jun 22, 2010
Gene Lee - Hope to see you up there! Jun 24, 2010
Travis Wise - I'll be with the google contingent in the parade! Jun 24, 2010
Ric L - In honor of this weekend, I am using one of these images on FB. Hope you don't mind Travis! :-) Jun 24, 2010
Travis Wise - Here's another version you might like Ric: Jun 24, 2010
Ric L - Yeah, that one makes the flag stand out a little better. Jun 24, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public I was a little uncertain about my new shuttle bus driver. She doesn't have a Betty Boop purse like the last one. But she's a great driver.
Josh Wills - Mine scares the hell out of me. Jun 16, 2010
cameron brown - long as all "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round' " relax while you work on your way to work in the carpool lanes! BTW, a nice Google gift might be appreciated by those drivers lacking fun fluff stuff! What? No 'Google' purses?!?!? Now there's an idea! Jun 17, 2010
Jun 20, 2010
Jun 19, 2010
Jun 19, 2010
Jun 18, 2010
Jun 18, 2010
Jun 17, 2010
Jun 16, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Mashable - What do you think of the YouTube video editor?
YouTube Launches New Video Editor Tool
Jim Wise - It is a shell of an application. They put it out there to get some feedback. It needs transitions between segments that have been joined together. You can trim from the edges, but there isn't splitting of segments. If you want to cut video of a segment for inclusion with other segments, the 10 minute upload per segment could get in the way. They are obviously testing to get feedback. At this point there are better ways to get edited video to YouTube. Jun 22, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public That's AT&T.
Reshared post from Josh Wills I find myself in the embrace of Schadenfreude. It's like eating hot apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream while wrapped in a warm blanket.
Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Ordering Is a Total Disaster
Craig Chu - best line is the last one: How could AT&T not expect this kind of massive load on their servers? Perhaps they used the same prediction software they use to plan their cellular network. Jun 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Yea, I liked that comment too. Jun 16, 2010
Craig Chu - if I were gutsier with the market, I'd just start shorting AT&T stock massively and then settle the day that it's announced the iPhone can go to other networks. Jun 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Matt Cutts I love this easter egg if you search for [world cup] on Gooooooooal!
Check it for yourself:
world cup - Google Search
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Maintaining aggressive ignorance about the World Cup.
cameron brown - Agreed...don't give a rat's ass about the WC with many other Mickey Mouse things to occupy my time... Jun 11, 2010
tonykiendung nguyen - Most American people don't love soccer as the rest of the world. Jun 15, 2010
tonykiendung nguyen - Don't be so aggressive, bud! people have the right to like or dislike any sport games! Jun 15, 2010
Travis Wise - @tony - I think you're misunderstanding the use of the word aggressive in that sentence. Jun 15, 2010
tonykiendung nguyen - Thanks Travis for your reply. I did not misunderstand what you said. My comment was to answer your friend, Peter du Toit's comment. My first statement is true even if people like or dislike that fact, and of course I am not a crazy fan of WC as many people in the world are! Jun 15, 2010
Travis Wise - Peter wasn't being aggressive at all. He was saying that in the country where he is (South Africa - where the World Cup is being played), soccer is incredibly popular, and you cannot avoid it without leaving the country. Jun 15, 2010
tonykiendung nguyen - Sorry if I misunderstood! Have a great day! Jun 15, 2010
Travis Wise - I can only imagine the traffic nightmares. ;) Jun 15, 2010
Jun 16, 2010
Jun 15, 2010
Jun 13, 2010
Jun 11, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Louis Gray Yes, Facebook Is Talking To Foursquare - All Facebook
Travis Wise - Ooops, turns out they're not talking. Jun 15, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Todd Jackson OMG hilarious
Why Old People Shouldn&#39;t Use The Internet
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Because, you know, AT&T is doing such a great job as a wireless carrier.
Reshared post from Mashable - 2 photos
AT&amp;T Security Breach Exposes 114,000 iPad 3G Customer E- mails [REPORT]
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Todd Jackson We just made some changes to the chat windows in Gmail... like them?
Making it easier to video chat, voice chat, and group chat in Gmail - Official Gmail Blog
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Anyone need to rent a townhouse in Campbell, available mid-July?
Travis Wise - Info sheet: Jun 6, 2010
Benjamin Smith - My bf and I might be interested... can you send me some info about it? Jun 6, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Thank you for being a friend, Blanche.
Jun 11, 2010
Jun 9, 2010
Jun 9, 2010
Jun 8, 2010
Jun 3, 2010
Jun 3, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public My world of text. Feel free to add a comment.
Your World of Text
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Louis Gray So You Want to Switch to Android...One Man’s iPhone to Nexus One Migration - tecosystems
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public When the actions of a single company can create global economic chaos, or create the largest man-made disaster in world history... maybe companies are getting a bit too big?
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Jeff Johnson The U-Socket Charges USB Devices Without an Adapter [Stuff We Like] - Lifehacker
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public P90X Yoga marks the start of recovery week.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Travelocity Gnome comes to Foursquare
Reshared post from Mashable - We love this little guy.
Travelocity Gnome Now Roaming on Foursquare
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public A conversation I had via text message about SITCII:
Friend: Right now im the only dude standing in line for sex n the city 2, lmao
Me: she really owes you now
Friend: I'll say. This flicks sposed to be two hours ffteen mins. Good thing i snuck in a burrito.
May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010
May 28, 2010
May 27, 2010
Jun 2, 2010
Jun 1, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Now running Froyo.
Ryan IT Lab - eat more fiber May 27, 2010
Adam Studley - Yeay FroYo! May 27, 2010
Travis Wise - The final release will no doubt be even better! I do like the hotspot though. May 27, 2010
David Lai - ::jealous:: ! "your system is currently up to date" May 28, 2010
Gene Lee - OTA system update? May 28, 2010
Travis Wise - I have to say, the WiFi hotspot is amazing. I'm sure the Iphone will have something similar, but this is just crazy useful. I can be anywhere, and create a WiFi hotspot for my laptop, iPad, or any other wifi device. And password protect the access.
@Gene Lee it's not available OTA yet. The official Froyo release has not yet been released, but there was a beta released last week that is now making its way around the internet. People with a nexus one can do the upgrade at their own risk (only Nexus One), but it is low risk. There will presumably be a "final" version on FroYo that will be OTA'ed to everyone.
May 28, 2010
Gene Lee - Cool... link? btw, wonder what will be in gingerbread... May 28, 2010
David Lai - They should name the next one boba... milk tea. May 28, 2010
Travis Wise - But it has to be in alphabetical order! Don't disrupt the order. ;) May 29, 2010
Kinman Tong - Gelato then? May 30, 2010
Travis Wise - Gingerbread: ) May 30, 2010
cameron brown - Travis is having so much fun!!!! May 30, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Mashable - 2 photos
It&#39;s Official: AdMob Is Now Part of Google
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
Reshared post from Travis Wise And it appears "reshare" has been launched in buzz! Yay!
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public And it appears "reshare" has been launched in buzz! Yay!
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public I am eagerly yet patiently awaiting Froyo to hit my Nexus One.
I could flash it manually. But I'm waiting. Patiently. Waiting.
Adam Studley - I admire your patience :P May 24, 2010
Travis Wellman - and i'm sitting here with 1.6 on an htc magic. curse my early adopter urges. May 24, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public So it took me 4 hours of playing with my new MacBook Pro 13" laptop before I rebooted and got the flashing folder with the question mark! Our tech people fixed it though. That may be a new record for me... breaking an OS within 4 hours.
James Salsman - I hope they gave you a three-button mouse. Those one button mice that Jobs has a thing for, well, maybe they work for people with one finger. May 21, 2010
Travis Wise - My PC mouse (trackball device) is working ok on the mac so far. And I am SLOWLY learning the proper use of the control / option / command keys. That takes some getting used to! May 21, 2010
Travis Wise - Winson, very cool, I've implemented that tip with CMD-UP arrow and CMD-Down arrow, as I couldn't figure out how to imbed a mouseclick in the shortcut. But the arrows work fine :D May 21, 2010
Travis Wise - When I try to right click in that dropdown menu,it pulls up the right click menu. I'll keep playing with it and see how to tell it that CMD-right click is the trigger i want :) May 21, 2010
May 27, 2010
May 27, 2010
May 27, 2010
May 27, 2010
May 24, 2010
May 20, 2010

May Travis Wise - Buzz - Public
20, 2010 Today is Lenovo -> Mac conversion day!
Travis Wise - I just realized this marks the end of 25 years of continuous PC use for me. May 20, 2010
Thomas Hawk - welcome to the club. May 20, 2010
Gene Lee - Isn't this sacrilegious on Google I/O day?! :) (OJo) May 20, 2010
Clement Ng - Yay! Finally! Congrats! May 20, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public For anyone driving along Highway 85 in the South Bay, the CHP is doing various enforcement this week in both directions around Winchester Blvd and Saratoga Ave.
In other news, week 2 of P90X is coming along quite well, and I'm looking forward to the day when I can use "geofence" in a sentence.
Adam Studley - Sounds dangerous! (Geofencing, I mean) May 19, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Off to the ocean and tide pools!
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Successfully completed Week 1 of P90X.
Initial conclusion: Far superior to gym membership.
Gene Lee - Is it rest day yet? :) May 16, 2010
David Lai - congrats! May 16, 2010
Travis Wise - Yes. This morning, I had trouble lifting my hands above my head. It's a difficult workout! May 17, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public I'm observing national bike to work day by sitting on the bus watching people bike to work.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Yesterday I got a phone call from my credit card company asking me if I was happy with the card.
I said I was, but that I couldn't figure out how to set-up automatic monthly bill pay through their web interface. The customer service guy said, "Well, I wish I could help you, but I can't see the screen that you see." He gave me a phone number to call to set up what I wanted.
Really. I can do all sorts of amazing technical stuff on a computer, but a huge bank can't equip their customer service people with the ability to see an end-user's experience on their system?
That's amazing!
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public The "Mobile Vet Medical Center" turns out to be for veterens, not puppies.
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public @David Lai I ran Wharf to Wharf several years ago, it was my most favorite of my organized runs. Bands line the streets, it's a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it! Just get there early, because the traffic going from Hwy 17 to the start line is a bit difficult (no parking - have someone drop you off at the shuttle stop if you can, and then have them meet u at the finish line... that worked pretty easily for me).
David Lai - thanks! if we're not too slow (8-10 minute miles... and we need to train :) ), you should run it too (a group of maybe 6 people). if they have staggered start times, we put 48 minutes as our estimated completion time (regardless of whether or not we can actually make that). May 10, 2010
Travis Wise - Actually, I think that range is about right for this race. There's so many people, it's hard to run much faster than that unless you're seeded up in front as a "fast" runner. It's a fun run, enjoy it for sure :) If it's a warm day, the people who live in the homes along the street will have their hoses out to spray people down! May 10, 2010
David Lai - you didn't say whether or not you're going to join us! unless you're already going with other friends. May 10, 2010
Travis Wise - I won't be able to this year ;( May 11, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public P90X Day 1: Chest and Back. I'll write more once I regain the use of my arms.
David Lai - worst thing about p90x: day 120 (30 days after stopping) - you're back at day 0. hehe May 10, 2010
Travis Wise - OMG! David! Avoid the cookies. May 10, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public P90X Fit Test: Passed! Starting Phase 1 tomorrow.
David Lai - wow!!! yeah you got it!!!! May 9, 2010
May 19, 2010
May 16, 2010
May 15, 2010
May 13, 2010
May 12, 2010
May 12, 2010
May 10, 2010
May 10, 2010
May 9, 2010

Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Happy Mother's Day!
Trying out Handri's Spanish omelet recipe: Egg whites, potatoes, peppers, onions, tofu sausage.
cameron brown - Delicious!! Thank you, favorite son!! Love you!!! May 9, 2010
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public Catching up on podcasts at 30k feet.
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public Radio City Music Hall
See-ming Lee - Can't believe you were in NewYork but won't are me! May 7, 2010
See-ming Lee - See me. O mobile typing May 7, 2010
Travis Wise - I'm sorry :( my Latitude map says you're in Brooklyn ... it seems far! Next time I come I'll figure out how to take the subway to your 'hood. May 9, 2010
James Salsman - Please be sure to stop by the U.N. and support a global tax haven treaty, so we can get rid of all the little piece-wise bilateral agreements which leave mid size economies like Greece vulnerable to the risks of capital flight, unable to go anywhere but to a flatter tax. We have seen the world-wide implications of that process.
I trust you have measured the impact on Google's bottom line of performance of the wider economy versus progressive taxes without havens? If not, I'd welcome a public discussion on the topic. It's important for everyone, everywhere. May 9, 2010
Travis Wise - I did stop by the U.N. but didn't see anything about global tax haven treaties. May 9, 2010
James Salsman - I've never been there, but I imagine it must be like stopping by the Capitol, you probably have to find your rep's office and say something like, "Why are we making piece-wise bilateral tax haven treaties with individual countries instead of a global tax haven treaty here; wouldn't that be better?" And get a business card and keep following up. May 9, 2010
Travis Wise - I've been a few times, and there are no reps to meet with. The public can go inside the first floor without arrangements, or go on a tour with arrangements, but it's a bit different from the capital in that there aren't really people to meet with at the U.N. May 9, 2010
Travis Wise - Buzz - Public Exploring Manhattan.
Travis Wise - Mobile - Public The home office.
May 9, 2010
May 7, 2010
May 4, 2010
May 2, 2010
May 1, 2010