top ten list (never finished)

Travis' Top Ten List
(under perpetual construction)
  1. I consider the following information about me to be "private information":
    1. Social Security Number
    2. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, place of birth, citizenship/nationality and religion
    3. Income
    4. Family history
    5. Health
  1. Companies have no business inquiring about, knowing, nor sharing my private information.  I will not do business with a company that requires my disclosure of private information in order to establish and/or maintain a business relationship, unless such disclosure is fundamental to the business relationship.
  2. The government should be prohibited from disclosing private information to companies.
  1. We all have problems and struggles in our lives.
    1. Mine are different from yours, but that doesn't mean they are less valid. 
    2. Former criminals, drug users and alcoholics should not be congratulated nor rewarded for their reformations, unless people who have never been criminals, drug users or alcoholics are similarly congratulated and rewarded for their abstinence.
  1. My measurement of success is likely not the same as yours.
  2. What goes around, comes around.
  3. You are not the only person in the world.   This applies when you are driving, walking down the sidewalk or walkway, exchanging ideas, and meeting new people.
  4. A Lesson in Logic:  Just because a lot of [ stereotype ] are [ minority ] doesn't mean that a lot of [ minorities ] are [ stereotype ].
    • EXAMPLE:  Just because a lot of criminals are black doesn't mean that a lot of blacks are criminals.
    • EXAMPLE:  Just because a lot of engineers are Asian doesn't mean that a lot of Asians are engineers.
    • EXAMPLE:  Just because a lot of bigots are white doesn't mean that a lot of whites are bigots.
    1. Racial profiling should be prohibited as a means of law enforcement.
  1. The United States repeatedly assumes an obligation to interfere with the governance and disputes of less powerful sovereign nations, claiming various self-serving justifications.  The U.S. government lies to its own citizens by using propaganda to rally Americans into supporting these "conflicts".  If the roles were reversed, I suspect we would not be long tolerating Japanese troops on our streetcorners, Iraq controlling our economy, and China boycotting our products because our Constitution violates human rights due to its foundations in slavery of an entire race of people.  When the South refused to integrate, and the National Guard was sent to force integration, Russia didn't send aircraft carriers to drop bombs on our country ... nor would we have tolerated such actions, which we are now doing to Serbia and Kosovo.    What if bombs were dropped on America every time a different political party came into control of our government, as we did to Vietnam and Korea? 
  2. Not every economy is the same as ours.  Before condemning businesses for setting up shop in foreign countries and paying their employees wages which are less than that to which we are accustomed, inquire about the economy and standard of living of the foreign country, to determine if the company's presence presents an opportunity or detriment for the employees.  We should not assume that a foreign government is incapable of establishing the same regulation and control of minimum wage and working conditions that our own government has bestowed upon us.
  1. You should be able to do whatever you want without interference by society or individuals, so long as:
    1. You don't infringe upon others' right to do the same; and
      1. Individuals have a responsibility to defend against the infringements of their rights, and when asked, to assist others in similar defenses.
      2. The primary purpose of the government should be to ensure that the rights of its citizens are not infringed upon by neither internal nor external threats.  The government should also, when able and willing, assist others in similar defenses upon request.
      3. The initiation of the use of force, whether by a person or a government, against another person or another government, is impermissible.
    1. You are willing to take complete and total personal responsibility for your actions.
      1. I should not be required to financially support someone who has made conscious choices to lead a lifestyle that requires my support.  Others should not be required to financially support me as a result of my lifestyle choices, and I am working hard to make sure that I will always be self-sufficient.
      2. Violence is not caused by the free access to information.  Watching violent movies or knowing how to make a pipe bomb does not cause violence.  Censorship will not decrease violence - quite the contrary, history shows us that prohibition and censorship has only increased crime.  Parents and teachers must do their jobs in order to reduce violence.
7. Veni, vidi, vici.
                 -- Julius Caesar
  1. Religious organizations and elected public officials present a plethoric abyss of ignorance and hypocrisy.
    1. Your interpretation of a religious dogma or ideology, such as the Bible, is purely subjective, and completely meaningless to me.  Do not presume to tell me that your interpretation is more valid than mine, or that my life should, in any way, be restricted by your interpretation.
    2. Elected officials who are exposed as hypocrites should be banished from public office.
  1. I do not need talking heads to tell me how to think.   How did people ever manage to survive before we had TV and radio commentators to tell us how we should interpret modern events and today's news?  Give me the facts, and I will draw my own conclusions.
  2. Just because someone says it's so, doesn't automatically make it so.  Dare to question what religious zealots, politicians, authority figures and commentators tell us to believe.  There doesn't have to be just one way to do something, and just because it's always been done a certain way doesn't mean it should continue that way, or that the status quo is the best way of doing something.
    1. Dr. Laura is a hypocrite and a bigot.
  1. See 9(f) and 9(g).

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