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setting up and configuring my pebble

A few months ago I ordered a Pebble . Due to supply chain or manufacturing issues, they're taking a long time to make, so I just received it a few days ago (I think they're now available at BestBuy). Installation and syncing to my phone was incredibly easy, but the settings were a bit more complex. Basically, I only want my watch to notify me when I'm out and about. I don't need to be notified when I'm at home or at work. And that took some effort.  On the watch, I made the following changes in Settings > Display: Backlight > Auto / Ambient light controlled Motion Backlight > Disabled Notifications On Font Size > Small Vibration > Enabled (turn this off if you find the vibrations annoying) On the phone's Pebble app , in the main settings, I allowed it to "Install Untrusted Apps" and "Always Skip Onboarding" (the intro screens).  In the Notifications menu, kept "Always Send Notifications" on; I allowed it t

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