home automation

1. Temperature and Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detection

I’ve installed two Nest Thermostats (one for the upstairs zone and one for the downstairs zone), and two Nest Protect smoke detectors.  I’m not sure Nest is going to save me money on my HVAC, but it certainly gives me better control than my prior programmable thermostat provided. And Nest has eliminated my paranoia about heating or cooling the house if no one is home.  [Disclaimer: I work for Google which is in the process of buying Nest]. 

2. Garage Door

I installed a Chamberlain MyQ Garage Controller so that I can monitor whether my garage door is open or closed, get notifications if I leave it open, and remotely open/close the garage door
This solves my OCD paranoia that I have left for work with the garage door open.

3. Power Management

I bought a Rainforest Eagle gateway that connects my PG&E SmartMeter with my WiFi system
and then signed up for the free Bidgely service to monitor my power consumption:

Between the two (and the Android app for Bidgely), I can monitor my historical and real time power usage. Coming next: A 4kwh solar panel installation.

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