congratulations on graduating from law school. now get to work.

Congratulations on finishing law school! I'm sure it feels wonderful... for about a day. Then you realize you're not done yet.  

A few key tips for the next phase:

1. Don't panic.  You went to a good school, got good grades, and you're going through a bar prep program.  You, and 95% of your classmates, will pass.  Just stay on track, and put in your time studying.

2. This is a full time job.  40-50 hours a week - 8 hours a day, 6 days a week type thing.  Don't fall behind, it's really hard to catch up.  But take one day a week completely off and do fun things.  

3. Find the method that works for you.  Lots of people start off outlining, because that's what they did in law school.  It does not scale well for this amount of information.  It's also passive.  Flashcards may work better for you (I carried flash cards with me EVERYWHERE).  But the key is to find what works best for YOU.

4. Broad, not deep.  Your goal is to learn a BROAD range of information, but not very DEEP.  You don't have to become an EXPERT at wills and trusts.  You're going for BROAD knowledge, so that you can (1) spot issues, and (2) bull shit an essay about those issues.

5. Put some things on hold. Your friends and family and significant other need to understand that you're basically going away for 2 months, except for when YOU are available.  You'll resurface and resume normal life in 2 months.  They need to respect you and this requirement.

6. Enjoy it.  You are going to have a lot of black letter law thrown at you.  Don't get hung up on nuances or inconsistencies with what you learned in law school.  This is just a ton of black letter law.  Learn it, enjoy it.  Enjoy learning all the concepts you THOUGHT you knew, but didn't.  Absorb it.  Enjoy it.  Look forward to every day of learning this wealth of interesting information.  Remember, you don't have to become an EXPERT. 

7. Plan something for after.  You're going to want to take a trip or otherwise do something fun after the exam.  Something simple that doesn't involve a ton of planning.  Make a commitment to do that now, so that you have something to look forward to.

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