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aquarium set-up

Water Change (20%) Weekly Water Conditioner Weekly w/water change Fluval Bio-Foam (basket) 6 months Fluval Carbon (basket) 1 month Fluval Water Polishing Pad (basket) 3 months Fluval BioMax (basket) 3 months Gasket 12 months Foam screen foam 6 months Clean filter and hoses 6 months Replace algae magnet pad 3 months Tank (50 gal acrylic) Heater Light Moon Light Substrate: Eco Complete, 84lbs Acrylic cover w/rubber feet 36"x9"x3/16" Slate tiles for substrate support Accessories Thermometer Timer for main light X10 controller for moon light Power strips (2) Algae scraper magnet (large) Filter System Fluval 306 Filter CO2 System Nalgee bottle (32 oz) Tubing Air trap Bubble counter Diffuser Yeast Sugar Furniture Cabinet Living Things Plants Snails Bottom-dwellers / Algae-eaters Fish Driftwood Shared Accessories Net Test kit Small bucket Big bucket Tongs Plant scissors Fish food Water pump Vacuum/Water Changer - Min

utah parks

Date Activity Transportation Hotel Day 1 Fly to SLC Drive to Moab Fly in the morning Drive Checkin - Hotel TBD Day 2 Day trip to Mesa Verde National Park (2 hour drive each way) Day 3 Canyonland National Park Dead Horse State Park Day 4 Arches National Park (rearrange to do sunset at the delicate arch) Leave Arches as 4pm for SLC airport Drive Fly home in the evening Checkout


Del Mar High School High School Diploma August 1990 - June 1994 GPA 3.50, SAT 1190 (570 English, 620 Math) San Jose State University B.A. (cum laude) in Political Science August 1994 - May 1997 GPA: 3.50/4.00; 3.70 in major. Santa Clara University School of Law J.D. August 1997 - May 2000 LSAT: 157, GPA: 3.27/4.33

congratulations on graduating from law school. now get to work.

Congratulations on finishing law school! I'm sure it feels wonderful... for about a day. Then you realize you're not done yet.   A few key tips for the next phase: 1.  Don't panic.   You went to a good school, got good grades, and you're going through a bar prep program.  You, and 95% of your classmates,  will pass .  Just stay on track, and put in your time studying. 2.  This is a full time job.   40-50 hours a week - 8 hours a day, 6 days a week type thing.  Don't fall behind, it's really hard to catch up.  But take one day a week  completely off  and do fun things.   3.  Find the method that works for you.   Lots of people start off outlining, because that's what they did in law school.  It does not scale well for this amount of information.  It's also passive.  Flashcards may work better for you (I carried flash cards with me EVERYWHERE).  But the key is to find what works best for YOU. 4.  Broad, not deep.   Your goal is to learn