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post processing notes

Physical attributes Crop Rotate Color/Brightness Set levels using histogram (shadows/darks, mid-tones, highlights/fill) Brightness Contrast Saturation Temperature Color Balance White Balance Characteristics Exposure Recovery Vibrancy Sharpness Clean Up using Clone and Bandiad Noise reduction

ricoh gr setup

Equipment Ricoh GR 16.2 MP Digital Camera with 3.0-Inch LED Backlit (Black) Eye-Fi Mobi 32GB SDHC Class 10 Wireless Memory Card Eye-Fi 16GB Pro X2 SDHC Class 10 Wireless Flash Memory Card Ricoh DB-65 Rechargeable Battery GGS Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector 3 inches for Digital Cameras Custom Settings MY-Autos Default : Av, f/8; Continuous off; Multi AF; Snap Focus Distance 5m, full press snap on; ISO Auto-Hi (up to 3200); manual flash; AFL Focus Multi AF Street : Tv, 1/250, Continuous on; Focus Snap; Snap Focus Distance 5m, full press snap on; ISO Auto-Hi (up to 3200); manual flash; AFL Focus Multi AF; monitor off B&W: Shooting mode Auto, B&W Function Buttons Default: Target zoom Default: Timer Default: Effect Adj. Lever Setting ISO Focus Cont. Mode SnapFocusDist. Expo. Metering AEL/AFL & C-AF switch/button The lever allows you to switch between AEL/AFL and C-AF (Continuous Auto Focus).  When you p

photography basics

Reference Tony Northrup’s DSLR eBook: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography Eric Kim Street Photography The Golden Triangle:  ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture ISO What it controls : Sensitivity to light. How it is measured : Low ISO numbers are less sensitive to light than higher ISO numbers. 400 is twice as sensitive as 200, etc.   How to use it :  Use a low ISO for bright light conditions, high ISO for dark conditions.  Higher ISO allows faster shutter speeds or smaller aperture, but higher ISO introduces more noise. Shutter Speed What it controls :  Amount of time the shutter remains open. How it is measured :  In fractions of a second (or seconds). How to use it :  Use slow shutter speed for low light (but can cause blur if the camera shakes or there is motion); fast shutter speed for motion.   Aperture What it controls :  Size of hole in lens, lets more or less light through to the sensor. How it is measured :  Expressed in focal ratio to the lent