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notes on visiting india

Smog. So much of it. Everywhere.Cars and motorcycles. Everywhere.Use the hotel car service. Not public transit or a cab.Traffic wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Delhi is a huge city so it took time to get across town, but the traffic was not as gridlocked as I imagined.A lot of people. A lot of poor people. Some of the conditions are as bad as one would imagine (e.g., in old Delhi, and Agra), but it was not overall as bad as I had imagined.Not as many beggars on the streets (kids) add I had expected. Things aren't cheaper. In some cases they're more expensive. Restaurants and hotels were not cheaper than the US. Even the mom-and-pop side of the road restaurant was $10 for a small sandwich and a coke.Cars invite drivers to honk at them to warn (they literally have bumper stickers that say "Honk at me if you're behind me"). There is a lot of honking.Traffic rules are based around the person in front having the right of way, even if they cut in line to get there…