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my favorite outdoor spots in the south bay

The west part of the valley gets the most moisture and is the greenest and lushest (although in this drought that is questionable).  The east part is barren and dry, and generally shadeless.  Just keep that in mind when outdoors.

My favorite outdoor spots in no particular order are:
1. Mission Peak hike in Fremont.  2-3 hour round trip, 2,200 foot elevation gain, to the peak of a mountain. It's a tough hike up, but the views are amazing (sometimes the peak is above the clouds).  I do this hike once a month, but I only do it on weekdays. I start when the park opens at 6:30am, and I'm done by 8:30am, and at work by 9 (I do hike it fast though).  Parking at that hour is plentiful in the residential area around Stanford Ave in Fremont.  Avoid weekends - it's a zoo.
2. Big Basin in Santa Cruz mountains.  This park encompasses much of the Santa Cruz mountain range.  I prefer to enter the park through Saratoga (southwest of San Jose).  The road is windy though.  The park offers c…