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invisalign experience

This page will be updated chronologically as I progress with my Invisalign treatment from January 2015 until approx. June 2015. I have no affiliation with Invisalign other than as a full-paying patient.
Pro Tips Prepare a small bag with the necessary supplies to carry everywhere: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, pain killers, lip balm, and tray for aligners during meals.Brush teeth after every meal, before replacing aligners.Get a bulk quantity of denture cleanser tablets (“Retainer Brite” seems to be popular) from Amazon or Costco.  An ultrasonic cleaning machine might be useful too.Drink a lot of water. Dry mouth encourages bacteria growth.Do not eat, drink, or chew gum with the aligners in, other than drinking water.Do not throw out old aligners. Keep them, sterilized in the original bags, in case they are needed as back-ups.Changing trays will be uncomfortable, so pick a day to do the change that won’t be high stress.  Friday night is a good night to do this, along with a pain killer.…