Sunday, August 14, 2016

Garmin Fenix 3 Setup Checklist

  • Set up Garmin Connect app
  • Set up Garmin Connect website
  • Set up user profile
  • Pair chest strap and foot pod
  • Turn on Move Alert
  • Turn on Activity Tracking
  • Set up phone notifications (in app)
  • Set up wifi connectivity - requires computer
  • Enable auto pause for running, cycling, etc.
  • Enable auto climb for running/walking
  • Set range alerts (heart rate, cadence, etc.)
  • Auto scroll in apps (on for cycling, off for running)
  • Enable barometer storm alert (under sensor settings for Barometer)
  • Turn off auto time zone for travel
  • Install dual time zone widget for travel
  • Set pool length at 25 yards
  • Bind back hotkey to screen lock
  • Backlight set to auto after sunset
  • Make Garmin device heart rate zones consistent with Strava
  • Turn Alert tones on, Vibration off
  • In app, turn on audio prompts for pace/speed and heart rate alerts
  • In app, turn on activity tracking, move alert, and heart rate monitor
  • Apps: Review and uninstall/install useful apps; reorder.
  • Widgets: Install/uninstall useful widgets, reorder
  • Settings for Steam Gauge Watch Face
  • Change start of week to Monday
  • Turn System USB mode from Storage to Garmin to enable use while charging.
  • Settings > Apps > Configure activities for data screens, alerts, etc.
  • Calibrate foot pod with a few outdoor runs.
  • Setup App Screens:
    • Run & Run Indoor
      • Data Screens: 1 Distance/Timer/Avg Pace/Avg HR; 2 Avg Cadence/Avg Speed/Calories/temperature; 3 Time of Day
      • Alerts: HR Zone 4, Cadence 190
      • Auto pause when stopped; auto climb 1800; auto scroll off; GPS On.
    • Bike
      • Data Screens: 1 Distance/Timer/Speed/Avg HR, 2 Avg Speed/Calories/Elevation, 3 Time/Temp
      • Alerts: HR Zone 4
      • Auto pause when stopped; auto climb 1800; auto scroll medium; auto lap off; GPS On
    • Swim:
      • Data Screens: 1 Time / Distance / Lengths; Screen 2 Temp / Calories / Time of Day
      • Scroll off

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Some Thoughts on Security

I have to take my shoes off at the airport because of some incident 15 years ago that we’ve all forgotten. But a mentally unstable person with religious hallucinations who was on an FBI watch list can buy an AR-15 assault rifle and enough ammo to commit the worst mass murder in U.S. history. This isn’t a proportional response to terror. Let’s start with banning the AR-15 assault rifle nationwide (as it already is in California). The Second Amendment is not absolute, I’m willing to take my chances with the Supreme Court.


It’s not the trans people in the bathroom who are the threat. It isn’t, ever. It’s the straight man with the AR-15 assault rifle. Over, and over, and over again. Democrats (because Republicans certainly won't): Show some courage and ban the AR-15. There is no legitimate need for non-LEO/military use.


So, we’ve been trying this Second Amendment thing for a few hundred years. And when the muskets were pieces of shit it was okay. But now that people on FBI watch lists can legally purchase and carry around AR-15 assault rifles (at least in Florida), it’s not working too well. Republicans and Democrats are both powerless against the NRA because $. It's time for us to try something different. Maybe it will fail, but if we don't try, there will absolutely be more of these tragedies.

1. Let’s start a counter-NRA lobbying group. Within hours of the Orlando shooting, gofundme raised over $1M for the victims. Let’s start a longer campaign, form a non-profit, raise money, and lobby back against the NRA.

2. There’s a lot of money in Silicon Valley. Eric, Larry, Sergey, Mark, Tim, Elan (and you too, Warren and Bill): Pony up. Have your foundations put in $200M each as an endowment and let’s kick the NRA’s ass.

3. It’s very well established that constitutional rights are not absolute, and not without limits. Assuming Hillary wins and we get a liberal Supreme Court justice confirmed, let’s push the limits on Second Amendment jurisprudence. A hefty tax on each bullet (law enforcement exempt, of course). License and registration for each firearm. And no one, no one, needs an AR-15 assault rifle at home. We’ve had it 200 years your way, let’s try it a different way for a while and see how it works. We’ll take our chances in the courts. Can’t be worse than what we’ve got.

Monday, June 13, 2016

An Open Letter to the Car In Back of Me

If we are driving on a multilane road or highway, I am in the far right lane, driving the speed limit. If we are driving on a single lane road, I am driving the speed limit. I can tell you want to go faster than the speed limit, because you are flashing your lights and honking at me. A few pointers to think about during your frustration:

1. I have had enough speeding tickets to know that the speed limit is the right speed for me to drive. The police have told this to me, many times. If you have an issue with the speed limit, take it up with the city, not with me. Or, find a route with a higher speed limit. I did not set the speed limit.

2. I got on this road before you did, so you are stuck behind me until you can pass. If you do not want to be behind me, try getting out of bed earlier in the morning.

3. If there is a car in front of me, as often there is, I cannot go faster than the speed of that car.

4. I do not care about you. I am happy with the speed I am going. It is the speed limit, and I am always in the rightmost lane. Your frustration with your predicament in back of me is none of my concern.

Hopefully these pointers give you some things to think about instead of being frustrated. Also: Try listening to podcasts or audiobooks during your drive. You might find them relaxing.

Drive safely!