Garmin Fenix 3 Setup Checklist

  • Set up Garmin Connect app
  • Set up Garmin Connect website
  • Set up user profile
  • Pair chest strap and foot pod
  • Turn on Move Alert
  • Turn on Activity Tracking
  • Set up phone notifications (in app)
  • Set up wifi connectivity - requires computer
  • Enable auto pause for running, cycling, etc.
  • Enable auto climb for running/walking
  • Set range alerts (heart rate, cadence, etc.)
  • Auto scroll in apps (on for cycling, off for running)
  • Enable barometer storm alert (under sensor settings for Barometer)
  • Turn off auto time zone for travel
  • Install dual time zone widget for travel
  • Set pool length at 25 yards
  • Bind back hotkey to screen lock
  • Backlight set to auto after sunset
  • Make Garmin device heart rate zones consistent with Strava
  • Turn Alert tones on, Vibration off
  • In app, turn on audio prompts for pace/speed and heart rate alerts
  • In app, turn on activity tracking, move alert, and heart rate monitor
  • Apps: Review and uninstall/install useful apps; reorder.
  • Widgets: Install/uninstall useful widgets, reorder
  • Settings for Steam Gauge Watch Face
  • Change start of week to Monday
  • Turn System USB mode from Storage to Garmin to enable use while charging.
  • Settings > Apps > Configure activities for data screens, alerts, etc.
  • Calibrate foot pod with a few outdoor runs.
  • Setup App Screens:
    • Run & Run Indoor
      • Data Screens: 1 Distance/Timer/Avg Pace/Avg HR; 2 Avg Cadence/Avg Speed/Calories/temperature; 3 Time of Day
      • Alerts: HR Zone 4, Cadence 190
      • Auto pause when stopped; auto climb 1800; auto scroll off; GPS On.
    • Bike
      • Data Screens: 1 Distance/Timer/Speed/Avg HR, 2 Avg Speed/Calories/Elevation, 3 Time/Temp
      • Alerts: HR Zone 4
      • Auto pause when stopped; auto climb 1800; auto scroll medium; auto lap off; GPS On
    • Swim:
      • Data Screens: 1 Time / Distance / Lengths; Screen 2 Temp / Calories / Time of Day
      • Scroll off

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