Sunday, December 30, 2018

(posts I need to edit)

Just a few random thoughts that I collected in a draft blog post - I'm going to go ahead and publish it to clean up drafts - something to possibly go back to later in life...

Law School

Learning to think like a lawyer
Groups - Interests, diversity
Law review
Graduation, and barbri the next day
Going to court for the estate planning hearing
Drivers license hearings
Activities in law school


Tax issues of self-driving cars.  Speaking of cars, my department brought in a carnival today, including bumper cars that we're driving around in the parking lot.

One of our employees liked our on-site haircut service so much he bought the company that provides the service.

Taco truck pulled up outside our building for breakfast.  Free, of course.  Had its own security guards to keep the tourists away.

Shooting a movie at work

Japan fiber cable

Wind farms

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