Sunday, December 30, 2018

Tools I Use

Sometimes when I meet someone and they find out I work at Google, they ask if my coworkers and I are allowed to use iPhones. This is a funny question to me, because most Googlers use Mac laptops. And yes, of course we are allowed to use iPhones. I have always used an Android phones, and believe they're the best on the market (I currently use a Nexus 6). But a lot of the tools and services I use aren't Google products and services, and I want to share what I think are the best-in-class:

Computer hardware: My company-issued MacBook Air is the best computer I've ever used. It never crashes, it boots fast, and rarely needs rebooting.

Fitness tracking: Fitbit seems to be the most accurate step counter and activity tracker.

Photos: Google Photos is beautiful and where I keep my archives, but Flickr is where I display my favorites.

Music: Spotify, because of the social integration and library. They've recently introduced podcasts, but I use PocketCasts because I can speed up the playback. I use Overdrive for audio books (because it's free).

Keeping up with friends and messaging: Facebook and Messenger. Facebook has done a nice job with location sharing, and messenger does a nice job with presence indicators. Their new Moments app seems to do a nice job with photo sharing.

Keeping up with people and topics I’m interested in: Google+. Twitter is just too much of a firehose.

Calculations and word processing: Google Docs, with LibreOffice for heavy lifting on spreadsheets.

Phone: Android Nexus

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