Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Book: "Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person"

Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person by Glenn Livingston (website).

eBook PDF available for free at this link!

The premise of the book is that we have "inner pigs" that cause us to binge eat bad foods ("slop"). We need to tame our pigs to avoid binge eating. I had a hard time with the pig analogy, but many of the other concepts in the book were meaningful to me. As other reviewers have said, it may help to suspend disbelief while reading the book, and focus on the elements that resonate with your experience.

My key takeaways are below.


  • "It’s also why it seems like no matter how hard you try, you eventually find yourself eating in ways you swore you never would again. And it’s why you may feel demoralized, dejected, and hopeless about ever successfully dealing with food."
  • "Because in this book we’ll apply a very kindhearted, effective way to recover from mistakes without becoming preoccupied with guilt and shame."
  • "Bingeing transforms you into a wild animal. It rejects the laws of humanity and returns you to the jungle where life is brutish, chaotic, and short. Bingeing wipes out your spirit. Don’t spend years investigating WHY you Binge before you stop. Just stop."
  • "To Never Binge Again all you need to do is Never Binge Again. You do not need to repeatedly smack yourself in the head with a spatula to prove you’ve suffered enough."
  • "You do NOT need to know why you Binge. You just need to stop."
  • "Guilt and shame about Bingeing are uncomfortable emotions which quickly dissipate in the absence of a plan to Binge again. Much like the pain you feel after touching a hot stove, these feelings exist to help you learn…and they go away quickly once you’ve done so."
  • "most people report feeling somewhat “unconscious” during a Binge, almost as if another entity had “taken over.”"
  • "you can and should let go of the guilt and shame associated with Bingeing once you’ve analyzed the Squeals, corrected your Food Plan (if necessary,) and re-committed 100%…"
  • "whether you’ll choose a life of discipline versus a life of regret."


  • "If you fall down, you’ll just get up and resume where you left off."
  • "a small Binge [will] snowball into a full-blown Food Orgy, and seriously undermines confidence in your ability to control yourself."
  • "What if you DO Binge? What then??? Simple: Analyze what happened, adjust your sails, and then NEVER Binge again."
  • "Making a mistake doesn’t invalidate the law. Your Food Plan remains law at every possible moment in time,"
  • "promptly forgive yourself and make a 100% confident, renewed commitment to perfectly follow your Food Plan forever. You are a fallible human being."
  • "A Binge is defined as even one bite or swallow outside of your carefully constructed Food Plan."

Eating Plan

  • Analogizing following a food plan to learning how to ride a bike: "And eventually—perhaps not on the first few tries—she WOULD make it…in large part because you protected her from becoming pre-occupied with the possibility of failure." and "If you make a mistake, you’ll just pick yourself up and get back to peddling in the right direction, speaking kindly to yourself the whole time."
  • On never eating certain foods again: "certain impulses are too strong to restrain when they’re given even a tiny opening."
  • The concept of "never": "If you can’t say you’ll NEVER do something again (or never engage in a particular food behavior again), the Pig knows it’s only a matter of time until it gains the upper hand. If we define a “Binge” as engaging in any eating behavior which contradicts your Food Plan, then at very minimum we must be able to say we will NEVER Binge again." and "“always” and “never” are sacred vows. They become something the Pig can’t assail, no matter how hard it tries, because the motives behind any Squeal suggesting an exception will be recognized immediately."
  • "Define your Food Plan with 100% clarity so you can tell with certainty when you are ON versus OFF it. A Binge = even one bite and/or swallow outside of your Food Plan. You will NEVER Binge again."
  • "Consuming even the most minuscule amount of Pig Slop —anything even remotely off of your well defined Food Plan—is, by definition, a Binge."
  • "When you stick to your Food Plan and nourish your body you will NOT die. But you won’t get a Food High either. You’ll just kill the Craving and go on with your day. This will NOT be exhilarating. You’ll experience life however life was meant to be on that particular day without a food high… But YOU will be 100% in control. This is the only way to get the results you want."
  • "If you find you’re repeatedly struggling with a food or drink in the Conditionals section, the odds are pretty good you need to move it to the Nevers. For many people, certain super-rewarding foods taste and feel too good to constrain with conditions and rules. But these same people—who may have struggled for years or even decades with a particular food—find it remarkably easy to NEVER have it again. Certainly much easier than the ongoing, painful search for that one “magic rule” which will let them have their cake and eat it too."
  • "Whole, unprocessed, organic plant foods—and a modest amount of organic animal protein—are the ONLY truly healthy foods for humans on this planet."
  • "Anything less than a 100% commitment is nothing more than the Pig’s plan to Binge."
  • "When you accept 90% compliance, you’re depriving yourself of the immense confidence and peace of mind which only 100% can bring. 100% is really the ONLY option."
  • "There’s absolutely NO need for “Cheat Days” and/or “Controlled Binges” on a well-considered Food Plan"

Counting Time

  • "Counting the number of days, months, or years it’s been since you last Binged is like counting how long you’ve been obeying the law. It’s actually harmful because it signals the Pig you are insecure and ambivalent about your commitment. There’s NO reason to count the number of days since you last Binged."

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