Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Dr. Robert Cywes Podcast

 Dr. Robert Cywes was interviewed on the Diet Doctor Podcast in May 2019 (best link I can find to the episode). This was one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to about food addiction and recovery. Some of the podcast is about surgical intervention, but the parts about sugar and carb addiction were extremely applicable to me. A few notes:
  • Disconnect "food" from "carbs".  Carbs make us gain weight and are addictive. Food does not.
  • I am addicted to carbs because it makes me feel good. Eating carbs releases endorphins, which gives me a high. Carbs have become my best friend. I have a lifelong emotional tie to carbs.
  • The high carbs give me is equivalent to the high a drug user feels.
  • Eliminating carbs eliminates the high, and eliminates my best friend. That is an emotional separation. This is a big reason why diets fail.
  • This needs to be a lifestyle change, not a quick weight loss diet.
  • Snacking is equivalent to a smoker's break. It is an action that is not at all necessary for health that keeps the high going, as insulin and blood sugar levels fluctuate. Insulin reduces blood sugar, snacking keeps blood sugar up, therefore extends the high.
  • Snacking, just like a smoking break, satisfies an oral stimulus.  Need to replace that: Coffee, tea, sparkling water, sugar free gum -- need to maintain that oral stimulation.
  • Permission is the issue. 
    • If an addict gives themselves permission to indulge, that indulgence is the problem. The first bite leads to a fast downward spiral. An addict cannot have the first bite. This is why abstinence is important for all addicts. 
    • This is where Weight Watchers is a problem, because the WW message is that if you have points, you can have anything, as long as you moderate. Addicts cannot moderate. They can only abstain.
    • An addict cannot make choices, because they cannot moderate. Therefore, addiction treatment methodology has to be used, as opposed to a WW points system or CICO approach. Must quit cold-turkey and eliminate the problem foods.
    • Does not have to be zero carb or keto. But has to eliminate the addiction issue: Sugar and processed grains. Whole grains, fats, and proteins are not the problem. It's sugar and processed grains. Addicts cannot moderate that, so must abstain.

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