Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Give Yourself A Gift

This mindset helped motivate me:

You've been carrying this problem around with you for a long time, perhaps years. In my case it was literally decades. It causes anxiety, depression, frustration, angst .... so many emotional issues. 

Think about how much "freer" you will feel if you have this problem off your back. Just not having to think about it every day, beating yourself up, freeing up your brain to focus on other more fun things, just not having to deal with it every waking moment.

Give that gift to yourself.  You are giving yourself that gift today. It's the best gift you can give yourself, better than any "thing".  Yes, the first day is tough. And the first week you might remember how "good" a binge feels. But remember how bad it feels after -- physically and emotionally. And remind yourself that you're giving this gift to yourself so that you don't have to carry this around in your brain any longer... and use that to get through one evening at a time. Use that time to read a book, or watch a movie ... something to distract yourself.  And once you get through a few days, it will get easier. Because you will recognize that you're freeing yourself of the baggage, and that's something only you can give yourself. 

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