Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Integrating Exercise

I know that a Food Plan is, by its very name, a plan for food. But I feel I also need to make a commitment to a minimum level of exercise per week. Otherwise I do not hold myself accountable to a minimum level of high-exertion activity.

I think that measuring exercise by a certain number of minutes of high-exertion activity is the best way to do this, and gives me the flexibility to determine how I want to spent those minutes (cycling, running, swimming, elliptical, etc.).

My smartwatch tracks time spent on high-exertion activity, on a 1:1 basis for moderate activity and a 2:1 basis for high intensity activity. I'll set my goal at 60 minutes a day, or 420 minutes a week. Based on past experience that should be easily achievable as long as I do cardio many times a week. I will integrate this into my Food Plan as an "Always" behavior.

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