Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Mindset is important to succeeding with health goals. I used to think of my various attempts in terms of trial and error, or success and failure. That framed my health in very opposing positive and negative terms. I prefer instead to think of my attempts at things as lifehacks, and pivots. I try something for a while, take the parts of it that are successful, and pivot away from the aspects that do not work well for me. And I keep in mind that what works for one person or even the majority may not work for me. I apply this in my daily life with how I manage my calendar, tasks, email, and certainly my exercise and fitness regimes, and my approach to food.

One thing I've learned as a constant is that WW works for me. When I gain weight, if I go back and follow a "clean" or strict WW points program, it absolutely works for me.

I've also picked up recently that having a Food Plan with set rules is really helpful to me to avoid sugar, which has been an addition issue.

So, the wake of yesterday's binge after three successful weeks of abstinence, I am hacking my approach and pivoting slightly:
  • Resuming a clean/strict WW points approach. Tracking everything I eat, and staying within my allotted 23 points a day plus 35 weekly points. I know how to do this, and I'm good at it, and it absolutely works for me.
  • Keeping the best of my Food Plan approach: 
    • Never any added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    • Always stick to my WW points.
    • Always get a minimum level of physical activity each month.
    • Never restrict my intake of zero point foods.
  • I am eliminating the processed / unprocessed food element. That was a bit too nuanced and confusing and not really in response to my bingeing / addiction issues. Sticking to points should cover this.
I'll try this approach for a while and see how it works, but I'm not afraid to continue to hack this system and pivot as necessary. And I've learned to never think of my actions as failures -- just learning experiences on a continuum of progress.

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