Tuesday, May 14, 2019


San Francisco Half Marathon
Today I am running the St. Patrick's Day 10k race.

I do not like running. I know some people look forward to heading out and running 3, 6, 13, or even 26 miles. I do not understand that at all. I tolerate running. I am not particularly good at it, but I do it because it's the most efficient way to increase my cardiovascular health, and does not require any special equipment.

I've run a number of 5k and 10k races, and even a handful of half-marathons.

I started running in the spring of 2001. At first it was just around the block after work, but eventually I worked up to three miles in thirty minutes. That was my couch-to-5k program, before there was such a thing. In May 2003, I decided to run the Human Race 5k run. But when I got to the 5k/10k fork, I decided to go for the 10k. I managed to cross the finish line in just under an hour. I ran several other 10k races in 2003, until I injured my knee hiking Yosemite's Half Dome in October 2003. I decided to run again in 2004. My goal for the summer was to break the 50 minute mark (8 minute mile), which I did. I took 2005 off from running to focus on other activities. I ran a few more times in 2006, and that was the last of the races for a while as I focused more on biking, weight lifting, swimming, and other aerobics.

I'm pretty far away from my record 10k time (7:52 minute mile) now, as I'm focusing on keeping my heart rate in the aerobic zone (Z3), putting my time closer to 10 to 11 minute miles.
San Jose Turkey Trot

My favorite race that I've run is the Wharf-to-Wharf 6 mile run in Santa Cruz. The entire community turns out to support the runners along the length of the race. It is a very moving and emotional experience. And I saw someone die when I was running, which helped me keep life in perspective. My second favorite race was the Human Race in Mountain View (no longer run). They played Amazing Grace at the beginning, which I think is a moving way to start a race, and it was a festive atmosphere that ran through what is now the Googleplex.

I track my stats on Strava, if anyone wants to add me.

Closing this post with a few of my favorite running quotes:

"There will be days when you are not sure if you can finish a race. There will be a lifetime knowing that you have."

"The miracle isn't that you finished a run. The miracle is that you had the courage to start one."

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